Wednesday, January 28, 2009


So I have been on vacation this week before starting my new position. I am so very excited about the new job. I am not sure what I am going to do with just the one store. I am going to enjoy the relaxed atmosphere that is just one studio. I have touched base with the studio employees and apparently someone has told them that I am a hard person to work for. This is so not true, I am not a hard person to work for if you show up and do your job and act like an adult that is. So i guess that if they want to act like children then maybe I will have to restaff so we shall see.
It will be so much fun to be back doing what I love.


Jude said...

Preconceived notions hardly ever work out to be totally true. Don't let what they heard bother you. Be yourself and let them find out for themselves about working for you. Your expectations are realistic for any job. Have a great rest of your vacation.

Running away with the Spoon said...

I'm with Jude, I'd ratchet back and not expect the worst. If your first response is to think they are children and consider firing them, then you might be starting on the wrong foot.

I'd consider the fact that you may be "hard to work for" because you have very clear expectations about how your staff is expected to work. One of the most common way for contentious boss/staff conflicts to boil over is simply this: lack of clear and stated expectations. Define what it means to show up (some bosses tolerate zero absenteeism) do your job (some see this as "I get to do define what my job is" regardless of how incompatible it is with a job description) and act like an adult (some bosses see this as merely window dressing - acting like an adult it dressing nicely) = so define and state what you want from them, then, as I used to say in the past "now everyone have fair warning and we are on the same page" so everyone is clear on how I will be judging your work.