Thursday, November 29, 2007

It realy happends everywhere

Well today was a Shitty day. I love the small town that we live in, for the most part. It is the same town that i grew up in, i know 75% of the people in this town and if i don't My mother does. Anyway homophobia showed it's ugly head today in my safe little town, and it was directed at my family. Yesterday the wife decided to finally fix the leaky kitchen sink and ended yo making it worse, we were still trying to fix it a midnight and gave up for the night. This morning she sent my favorite little cousin to the hardware store here in town to get a part that they needed to finish the project. He came home and told her that the owner of the hardware store refused to take our check. Not because he had a signed check but because of the tag line on our check. (you've got your hands on GAY money) Now the line is very very small and most people don't even notice it. We have had a few and the y just give us a look, but never has it been refused. So i called the owner of this little hardware store and he told me i wasn't forcing my beliefs on him. Now i was not trying to force anything on him i just wanted to get my sink fixed and be able to make a cup of coffee. I should probably tell you that i have known this man my entire life and until today i have loved his store. The guys in there have always been helpful and i know them all by name. I was told that if I wanted to purchase anything it would need to be with cash. I'm sure you know that we will never shop there again. I have told everyone that i know about this and am still very very mad. I was most upset when we told the kids about it and it made K lose her appetite. I was shocked at how much it seemed to affect her. I guess homophobia hurts more than just the gays. enough for now

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Happy late Thanksgiving

Well the week is almost over and the holiday was great. We went to the in laws and the wife and i deep fried the turkey. I have to say it was wonderful. I was so glad the we didn't ruin the day by making a horrible turkey. It was yummy and i am glad the wife insisted that we try and do the fried turkey. We had a great visit with the inlays and the day could only have been better had the older two kids been with us. My life is about to get very hectic i work in the commercial photography business and the next 3 weeks will be nuts. my life is crazy enough and then i manage 50 women, it can suck, but it is fun most of the time. we have a great group of women for the most part. e has to have his tonsils out on the 3rd of December and he is a little concerned about it, i think he will be fine. I am just worried that he has to miss the school play, he gets to just stand there and look good, not a prob for the kid since he is soo cute. well got to fly i need my sleep. Ohh speaking of sleep baby s is sleeping all night in his bed!!!! EXCEPT, when the wife is home at night. I told her she needs to find somewhere else to live i need my sleep.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

busy week

So this week has been crazy, i know it is only tuesday but i am already planning a work schedule for 50 for next week. MY bosses boss is in town for a few days visiting us so we played nice and did store tours today, not hard work but mentally draining. I am still dealing with the bum leg and it doesn't seem to be getting any better. I am so frustrated that i am close to giving upon it and learning to live with the constant discomfort. The wife and I were suppose to go out tomorrow with friends for dinner drinks and a movie and an over night stay for us but with the boss in town that ain't happening. Oh well i will take a rain check. If she knows what's good for her. Anyway, of to bed to try and sleep one more day of mental drain then back to the real work. oh an just a note the wife let my mother cut baby s's curls alll off i cried he looks so much older now.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

i did it!

So today was my big radio debut, not yesterday like i was confused. It went well I think. Kristy listened in the other room and told me i didn't sound to stupid. I know that it was just 20 mins of my life but it made me think. The host asked how we live our livees each day in a red state. I guess the answer for me is i don't know how else to live. I live in the same house that i grew up in. My 7year old son had the same kindergarten teacher that i had for 3rd grade. It is how we live. The rainbow district of our town is my yard, but i feel safe here, i know my kids are safe and well looked out for. I just think that if we can make other towns this gay aware if not gay friendly we would be soo much better off as a nation and not just for gay people but for us as a civilization. Enough rant

Saturday, November 3, 2007

OutQ in the Morning

Have you ever had on of those days? I had one yesterday. I had the day off of work so the wife and i went shopping and to lunch. We found a new sushi restaurant in the small college town that we live close to so we tried it out yummmy. We also got a few home improvement items for a few projects around the house. It was a great great day. Then we got home and it got better. I got a call from equality Ohio asking me to do a radio broadcast on Monday. I was speechless. Would i like to do it ??? yes i was sooo blown away. I will be talking about being a gay family in a RED state. It's not always easy but it is how we do things. I am honored to think that they have enough confidence in me to think that i can handle this. I'll let you know how it goes.