Saturday, November 24, 2007

Happy late Thanksgiving

Well the week is almost over and the holiday was great. We went to the in laws and the wife and i deep fried the turkey. I have to say it was wonderful. I was so glad the we didn't ruin the day by making a horrible turkey. It was yummy and i am glad the wife insisted that we try and do the fried turkey. We had a great visit with the inlays and the day could only have been better had the older two kids been with us. My life is about to get very hectic i work in the commercial photography business and the next 3 weeks will be nuts. my life is crazy enough and then i manage 50 women, it can suck, but it is fun most of the time. we have a great group of women for the most part. e has to have his tonsils out on the 3rd of December and he is a little concerned about it, i think he will be fine. I am just worried that he has to miss the school play, he gets to just stand there and look good, not a prob for the kid since he is soo cute. well got to fly i need my sleep. Ohh speaking of sleep baby s is sleeping all night in his bed!!!! EXCEPT, when the wife is home at night. I told her she needs to find somewhere else to live i need my sleep.

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