Sunday, September 30, 2007

first dance.

well this entire week has been consumed with the preparation for k's first high school dance. She has been so excited , not to mention the fact that she was grounded and didn't get out of trouble until the day of the dance. she is so cute, i told her that if she didn't stop talkin about the dance i would extend her grounding and she burst into tears, i was kidding but it was still funny. it got her to stay quiet for all of about 10 mins. I guess it's hard to remember the excitement of that first dance. In other news both k and E got mid terms on Fri. K is doing well in all classed but 2 and we have talked about those. My man though is getting all A's he got only one grade below a 100 and that was an 86 so my boy is doing sooooo well. I had some thoughts about holding him back and now i am sooo glad we did. hello it is 12 am and my phone just rang. K just got asked out by a Jr. He called my house at 12 am....... he may need to die. but she looks happy, i must go listen in .. more later

Monday, September 24, 2007

weekend wariors

so this weekend started off with a trip and a fall. I was at work on Friday and some how managed to trip over a power cord and hurt myself. I have injured my left knee , and now am in an immobilizer. This would be all well if i could slow down long enough to enjoy being hurt hahahh
However the wife is sick and the kids have stuff going that is non stop so off i hobble to be with the family. On an up note our darling daughter ran an amazing race this weekend. she got a meddle and beat the one girl that she has been gunning for. I was a proud mom to say the least. as i said the wife is sick, she has missed 3days of work. we got to urgent care for my knee and she was seen as well, 2 birds 1 stone type of deal. I'm glad they saw her the doc told her that had she waited her little cold could have ended up an pneumonia.soo instead of a weekend of being babied we took care of each other . I had to take a post accident drug test today and a word of advice to the lady who handed me the piss cup and expected me to carry it while on crutches wake up moron.

Monday, September 17, 2007

feelin special

well about a month ago I did a little project with equality Ohio, it was a digital story tellers workshop. The purpose was to get glbt issues out to the straight people. IT was a very intense 3 days, and i met some very wonderful women. Anywhoo i got an email today form A at equality Ohio and they would like my family and i to be photographed for some promo stuff!!! We are all soo excited. I told them anything that we can do to help. i feel so special. I just hope that through this and the digital stories that we are able to help people see us as just a normal small town family. I know that is how our community sees us. I mean after they got to know us and realised that we aren't any different than they are we just have better sex. (jk) seriously if people would just take the time to get to know 1 glbt family then they would see that we aren't any different. I still go to work and cook and do laundry. I still have the same worries for my kids, plus a few extra that go with my lifestyle. I don't understand what it matters who i sleep with at night. well enough bitchin for now more to come I'm sure.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

what a day!

So the school year has started and so far so good. daughter has started high school and likes it. Son 1 is is in first grade and doing well. We have only beento the principals office once and that was just to inform the man that the wife and are the support system for the daughter and he better never threaten her with "calling daddy " again. I have never been so irate. good thing the wife went with me or i may have ended up in jail. Any whoo we are doing well and life has been nuts, daughter runs cross country and keeps us all busy. We love it. I wish that i had the passion that she has for it. She knows she will never win a race but she runs for the joy it brings her. I admire her so much, i just hope she doesnt realise it to soon and i lose the upper hand that i have with her. well must run.