Monday, June 23, 2008


So our local pride is this weekend, the wife and i are looking forward to a child free crazy weekend. I so need this weekend away. I have had a crazy couple of months at work and if one of the people that work for me try and screw this up I will lose my mind. It just seems a shame that I look forward to this one weekend soo much. I am excited this year that we are not taking the kids! Big girls weekend out!!! SO if any of you are in Columbus Ohio this weekend and see us say hello. Pics to follow the weekend I'm sure.

Friday, June 13, 2008

That is so gay!

So today at work it happened i had finally had all i could take I was at one of my stores that I don't get to very much. This store as one of only 2 men that work for me. we had had a good day so far no technical probs with the new system that was installed. I was working with a corporate installer who was a bit of a pig but again I don't deal with alot men so sometimes I forget they are just wired differently. But anyway this gentleman that works for me was having some sort of issue with our system and didn't get how a certain feature worked when out of no where he yells " that is so gay". The girl that was working with us slapped this arm and just looked at him. I calmly turned to him and told him I would not tolerate that again. it created a hostile work place I didn't care for and that if I ever heard that comment from him again I would ask him to clock out and leave my store. He just stared at me. Apparently he did not understand that I am gay.. I don't see how but I told him that I do not tolerate any type of hate speech and would do the same if he use other not nice words. His statement was I would never use the N word or anything. Which brings me to my point...

Why is it OK to single out the "gays" We are people too and just standing up to this ignorant man made me feel better. I was talking to the young lady that was there with us as we drove home and I told her I thought that maybe I just have a lower tolerance for men since I don't deal with them that often. she just laughed. I know that we as a community have a long road ahead of us but I have decided that at least with the 50 or so people that work for me I will have a gay friendly zone or they can find other employment. I have to work to feed the family and I will do it in an environment that is at least tolerant even if they don't like it!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

First to Marry, After Five Decades

I found this on mombian and thought it was nice and very much deserved, so I thought i would share

First to Marry, After Five Decades

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My fellow bloggers I need your help. E had a sleepover with a couple of the boys from his baseball team. Now we have been to all of E's games together and all of the boys know that E has 2 moms. well one of the little boys last night asked me if I was e's step mom. I told him no I was e's mom . He looked at me funny and said that the other lady told him she was e's mom. I told him that she was e' s step mom. he still looked all puzzled and wanted to know where the dad was. I told him we had didn't have a dad at our house. he told me he was confused and I froze. I did not know what to say to this little boy, I was sooo at a loss for what to say. The wife and I have been together since e started school and we have never had this problem, I was soo soo soo afraid of this little boy. I have never been more at a loss of words about my family. I didn't want to make this boy not like us and not want ot come back and stay. He seemed to be ok with all of this and went and played. He asked this morning where the other mom was and I told him she was in bed. He was good with this and played. I guess that my major concern was that I wasn't sure what their family thought about gay people, what words that they use to descried other peoples lifestyles. I know that they are fine with the wife and I. I know that they are good people, these boys are the sons of the coach I blogged about the other day. I just didn't want to make anyone uncomfortable with anything.

I guess this is the major issue why should I feel wrong about my family, why should I have to wonder what others have told kids. It just seems odd to me that I would not know how to talk to an 8 yr old, when I have one of my own.

So any thoughts on how to handle this would be so helpful and appreciated.

Monday, June 2, 2008

My family

So Today I will blog for my family, my family that will aparently ruin all of society. I have a lovely wife and 3 beautiful children. the oldest 2 came with me into this relationship from a previous marriage( this one legal because there was a penis involved... notice i did not use the D word) anywho, our oldest child is 14 and wonderful. the middle child is a sassy 8. Then we have our baby who sadly will turn 2 in July. we have been illegaly married for 2 years. I have been with my partner for almost 5 years and I can tell you that I know that this is the pwrson that I am suspose to grow old with. this is the person I am suspose to drink coffe with and share the paper with. this is the person taht is suspose to take care of me snd that i am to take care of. this is my other half, my reason for being, my heart and soul. this is my love. It seems so crazy to have to justifiy my relationship and therefore my family. in my house we cook we clean(not a much as we should) we make school lunches we do homework we go to sports practices and events. we have fights, we laugh we cry we snuggle, cuddle and just veg in front of the couch. we are the all american family no matter who you ask we are the typical family down the street. we do not hit in our house we do not hate we do not celebrate fathers day, we still pay our taxes and vote all the things that the other families do but we are not recognized and we are definayly discriminated against. this sucks and I do not like it but i would not trade my family for an easier life. i hope if my kids take anywhing away from my life they understand that easy is not always best and to never settle for what someone tells you is good enough.
I know this had rambled and it makes no sence but there is my blog for LGBT families.