Wednesday, June 11, 2008


My fellow bloggers I need your help. E had a sleepover with a couple of the boys from his baseball team. Now we have been to all of E's games together and all of the boys know that E has 2 moms. well one of the little boys last night asked me if I was e's step mom. I told him no I was e's mom . He looked at me funny and said that the other lady told him she was e's mom. I told him that she was e' s step mom. he still looked all puzzled and wanted to know where the dad was. I told him we had didn't have a dad at our house. he told me he was confused and I froze. I did not know what to say to this little boy, I was sooo at a loss for what to say. The wife and I have been together since e started school and we have never had this problem, I was soo soo soo afraid of this little boy. I have never been more at a loss of words about my family. I didn't want to make this boy not like us and not want ot come back and stay. He seemed to be ok with all of this and went and played. He asked this morning where the other mom was and I told him she was in bed. He was good with this and played. I guess that my major concern was that I wasn't sure what their family thought about gay people, what words that they use to descried other peoples lifestyles. I know that they are fine with the wife and I. I know that they are good people, these boys are the sons of the coach I blogged about the other day. I just didn't want to make anyone uncomfortable with anything.

I guess this is the major issue why should I feel wrong about my family, why should I have to wonder what others have told kids. It just seems odd to me that I would not know how to talk to an 8 yr old, when I have one of my own.

So any thoughts on how to handle this would be so helpful and appreciated.

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Jess said...

EEEK! tough one, huh?

I wish I had advice for you.. I'm sure the boy had more questions for your son after the fact. He's probably cool with it if he went about the rest of the day having fun like always.

I don't think you have to worry about the kid not wanting to come back... if his parents know about you and your wife and allowed their boys to stay over, I'm sure there's no reason to be concerned.

Gotta love a kid who isn't afraid to ask questions! That's awesome! :)