Monday, June 25, 2007

so here goes nothing

well this is it i'm about to start the blogging adventure. I am not sure why I think tha my life will be of any intrest to any of you but what the hell, it's worth a shot and awhole lot cheaper than therapy. First off my name is Shelly, I am 30 something and a mother to 3. I am wife to one , even if I can't actually claim her on my taxes. We had a lovely commitment ceremony and i still have to cook and clean for her so I am claiming her as my wife. Not to mention she is the love of my life and one if my greatest joys. Our children are K she is 14, E he is 7 and the baby S is just about to turn 1 I can;t believe he is that old already. The older 2 kids entered the relationship with me and my baby and i Made S together, Hahahaha give me sperm and I'm lethal. We also have a veritably farm of animals, 2 dogs 3 cats and some fish.
I met my Love on line in 2004 while she was serving in the Air force. She was in japan at the time and i was just starting to come out to more people, so it seemed like a good time to meet her, she was after all 80000 miles away, with almost a year left to be there. It seemed safe, that is until she stole my heart in that very first 10 hour conversation. Anyway, after a messy divorce and great court ship we are together now in a very small Conservative little town with a gay population of 10 on a good day (depends on who the bisexual is dating). I figure i will let you know how this small town dyke and her family make it work because you know
what's a lesbo to do.