Sunday, June 28, 2009

summer time

So it is summer and all of my kids are back at home for the week. E had been with his father for 16 days k had been there for a week and they were both ready to come home. E went on vacation to the beach with his dad and didn't have much fun. It took him 10 mins to get in the car and then he cried when they left. I hate that he is forced to go but at the same time I think he should be exposed to his father some. I think it makes him appreciate us that much more. He says all the time his dad is a redneck and he hates to have to act like that. He cracks me up. He is so not into dirt or getting dirty. his father likes to fish and hunt and that is sooo not my little man. but any whooo they are home and and we have plans to hangout camp make smores catch lightning bugs, and just enjoy each other and the nice weather. hope you all have plans for a nice relaxing summer week.

Friday, June 19, 2009

teenage idiots.

So I don't remember if I have blogged about our 16 yr olds boyfriend or not but he is officially an ex now thank the goddess. The wife and I went today to get new piercings (pics later) when we came home the daughter was in a tizzy, the ex had hacked her myspace and changed her status telling everyone that she herself thought that she was a slut and that she had perfectionist lesbian mothers who no one would be good enough for. well it is true we are lesbians and I am damn near perfect but she is not a slut and i now am looking at her and thinking is she safe is there anything that this boy is going to be able to do to her that will make her life harder. I would hate very much to have to hurt this very selfish , self centered boy. She did however learn a very valuable lesson....... wait for it.... MOM IS ALWAYS RIGHT! yep she admitted that I was right. We went to dinner with the new guy she is talking too tonight and I know that is just a teenager and that this boy will go away at some point but he did something tonight that I will forever be grateful for. He brought my daughters smile back, and I have missed it so much.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

way to go Ohio

So I just received word that House bill 176 has officially passed the first round of voting in the house. This is a historic moment for Ohio, never before has legislation regarding gays and equal housing and employment made it through committee. Even better it is expected to go to the full senate as early as next week. When I got involved with Equality Ohio this year I never expected to be sitting here telling others that change would come this quickly to Ohio. I am proud to know that my state Rep Debbie Phillips is behind this bill and I feel even better knowing that I helped put a person in office that will vote the way that I would if I got to vote for the good of all Ohioans. I am so excited and hopeful right now it almost takes the sting out of the frustration that I feel with the white house, but that is another blog.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

one of the team

E plays little league baseball here in town, this is his second year. last year his coach was a guy that I knew from high school he is a great guy who has a son E's age. The team was great with our family and we never had any issues. Long story shorter, the guy decided not to coach this year, and the wife and I and E were all a bit afraid of what would happen. We got to E's first practice and here came last years coach on his motorcycle, we were so Glad that at least E would have a friend on the team. Well the man parked his bike and walked up to us he was helping out with the team. I have never been happier to see a man in my life. So the year is about up and the wife and I have had a great time with the other parents,and the kids have been great. they are all super to E and to us. we got the best compliment when E started getting play dates and sleepover invites. We even got invited to go out with the parents one night. Sometimes it's nice to just be one of the team.

Monday, June 8, 2009

weekend in Detroit

The wife and I drove to Detroit this weekend for one of her best friends weddings. We had a blast on the way up. Yes this is a two tone purple Victorian and just down the street was the bear sign. I guess you have to love small town America.

The wife and I got all dressed up for our very first formal catholic wedding.It was a beautiful ceremony however it was in a national Catholic shrine and they had random people walking around the chapel during there mass. The reception was wonderful, the wife's friend does ballroom dancing and he and some of his dance buddies did a wonderful tribute to his late father. It was extremely neat to watch. The wife and I danced the night away and had a great time talking with all her friends. The funniest part of the night came when one of the bridesmaids thought I was trying to cut in on her getting to know the wife's friend Mr Utah. She made sure we knew she had dibs on him LOL . We are now home getting ready for a baseball game. E's team is in first place!!!! have a great week

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

sexy as hell

So the idea for this blog came from Jude. She had posted about femmes, and how she loved them. So I thought I would share my love for the sexy butches of the world. The butch below happens to be my lovely wife. This was from the first shoot I ever talked her into. I love the energy that comes from these pics, it is that butch energy and the butch attitude that just make me swoon.