Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Middle man

Well the middle man will be 11 tomorrow. I can't believe that he will be 11, where has the time gone. We are having a small family party tomorrow for him. He asked if I would take him and his bff to a movie and I of course said yes. they want to see a movie that isn't out yet so we will do it when it comes out. He is so cute he asked for a paper jam for his birthday and I had no idea what it was so I went to the toy section and found one. it's a small guitar like thing that plays music. I don't get it but it's what he wanted so i got it.
I miss my blog and all of you. I hope to get back to blogging regulary very soon. hope you all are well and looking forward to the holiday!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Nov already?

Wow I have been gone forever! So much has changed and I will update soon. just wanted to let you all know ( if anyone is still out there reading) I'm doing great the kids are great and life is good!