Saturday, May 31, 2008

My little man... and his coach

I have written about all the kids before and I love them each for their own unique ways, but my middle child is such an old soul. E is the one that wears his heart on his sleeve, he feels so much more than I think I do sometimes. He has a heart the size of the moon and he is sooo loving. He is also 8 and he thinks he is big enough to be his own boss, and on some things we have let him be. He asked to play baseball this year, and we signed him up before we asked his father. he loves it, the games the practice the teammates. He is having a ball. Well we had a game tonight and he is the lead off batter he got a hit tonight and made it to base. The next little kid hit a pop up and was out. now my little boy who has never played before ran when he heard the coach tell him to. Long story short everyone was yelling for him to come back to the base and he didn't make it before they tagged him out. He ran to the dugout and burst into tears. He was so afraid that the kids would be mad at him. Now I should say my sons coach is a few years younger than I am and I sort of remember him from school. This is a very nice man with the patience of a saint. the little boy who hit the pop up was his son. As I was walking over to comfort my son this little boy put his arms around my son and told him that it was fine he got out too and E had a great hit. I almost lost it standing right there. I turned to look and the wife and she had tears in her eyes also. She couldn't hear what was said but she saw the hug. I was so impressed by this. I wish more men could set examples like this
obviously this boy has seen compassion and love at home from his father and stepmother. I should also add that one of the assistant coaches is the ex husband of the coaches wife. These people are great and I am soo glad that we took a chance and signed E up for baseball. He has grown so much this spring. he is a great great kid. We did lose the game tonight but my son learned a great lesson, and I think that is what matters most.

Thursday, May 22, 2008


I should start this by saying that I am not much into video games.My wife however is a tech geek, we have all the little gadgets,the ipods,then the ipod touch,( I have no idea how to work all of it) we have a navigation system for the car, I still like maps and I know where the local grocery store is. So she has been after me for sometime to get a wii, I have fought this and fought this until she finally told me I Am buying wii tonight. She brought this thing home and I think we have played it more than the kids. I love the bowling and the tennis, and the boxing is a great workout. I was so shocked that I have found my self playing it as much as I have. I did tell her that I was sorry for the delay. I even made her stand in line this past Tuesday for wii fit. It too is a blast! I hate to admit it but I think i could give up workout vids for this! I guess anything that makes get my big butt moving is a good thing! so i guess that I have become a little bit of a wii junkie. Still not sure if this good or bad, time and hopefully my smaller waistline will tell

Saturday, May 17, 2008

women erg!

I should start this by saying that I am not a hater. I am however sick of women, or more specificaly certain women that work for me. I am a market manager for a major protrait company and we employ 98% women. Now I love women individualy but this group of women is so getting on my nerve. I know that we all have things that come up and that we have children that get sick, have sports or other things that they are involved in, but come on this is your job! Grow up or quit, I know this sounds harsh and all but I too have a familty that is very active I also have a wife that works nights. I work about 60 hours a week and am soooo sick of these ladies thinking that what ever they want is going to happen, I honor what requests that I can but somewhere along they way these people have forgotten that a request is just a request and that it is never a guarantee that they will get it off. I just got off the phone with a young lady who would like me to find someone to work for her tomorrow so she can go to a tupperware party WTF !! It is 11:30 on saturday night who calls their boss at 11:30 f0r a damn tupperware party. I use to think that this was a great job but when did i start babysitting? I would have never called off like this or asked for 3 of 4 weekends off. I am sorry abotu the rant but I needed to vent, thanks for listining.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mothers Day!

So today is the day that we have set aside to honor mothers. I think this is a wonderful day and a great tradition. This year as in past years we started the weekend with a Mother daughter banquet at church. Now I should say that K is always at her sperm's house on Friday evenings. and it always seems that I am working at one of my furthest locations that day. Well mother called and asked if we would be attending and I told her that K was at the sperms house and that I would be working but the wife is off and would love to go. Mom said ok tell her she needs to bring a dish. Now the wife and I don' go to church nearly as much as we would like or need to be and the reason is not just because of the people my work schedule is crazy and the wife works on sat and sun. That and the fact that we can tell we scare the nice christian people it just doesn't seem worth it. But anyway, I left for work and told the wife that I would make it just not for the dinner part. She met mom and got there early. I showed up about 4 mins late and brought mom a rose as a way of apologizing. I sat down and it appears that no one missed me. I have been replaced by the wife. I guess this is good and I should thank my lucky stars that my family is so willing to except the wife as family.
fast forward 2 days and I got breakfast in bed this morning and a bunch of roses. Then the power went out. nice thing about power outages we have no land line phones only cordless so no phone calls from work, bad thing about power outages is we have a well and with no power comes no water. I decided that while the wife slept I would take the kids and the dogs and go to the dog park. good idea but the weather did not think so. It rained cats and dogs and thunder and lighting. so we came home and lit candles and waited for the lights to come back on. I am about to make dinner for the wife and then my family will be having a Wii bowling tournament.. Just wanted to wish you all a very Happy Mothers Day!!

Sunday, May 4, 2008

new year new me take 2

so for the start of the year I decided that I would try and lose a few pounds,.... well that has yet to happen. It has been a combination of things with work and a busy schedule being my main cop outs however i think that my total lack of time to prepare nutritious food is also right up there. I know that these are all just excuses and not good excuses however with summer here and the weather getting better everyday I do believe that I will have more outside time and be able to at least move my body more. I have also started to do more yoga at night and that seems to be helping my mind if not my body. I should state that I am not all that uncomfortable with my body, I lost 175 lbs about 4 years ago and have in the last year put about 45 back on, I know that a lot of this has to do with a work change that has me in ky car and not on the move at work a lot and I also do lots of lunch meetings that I find it hard to eat light at. I know all this and yet I am still eating and drinking my way to bigger pants. I however refuse to make this space about my weight loss battle, I just needed to put it down on blog so that it felt more real and I now have to get started for real. i will update my progress I think !
for now I am going to go and enjoy the sun with baby S. burn off the soda I had with lunch!