Friday, December 28, 2007

It's all over

Well christmas came and went and with it the inlaws. many presents were recieved by the children and by the wife and i. My mother gave us a AAA membership which since i drive 1000+ miles a week reakky makes sence, the inlaws gave us new end table lamps, they make the living room look so homey, The children recieved so much that i'm not even sure what all they got. my ex husband did buy E a cell phone, the must unpractical gift concidering we have no cell service here at home and he goesno where else. But his money. K got lots of money and gift cards, so i am dreading the trip to the mall, i may have the wife take her. I just can not shop with her, we are way too different. The wife has the aptients of a saint, god love her. baby s got a new trike, and he love it, my toes don't care for it but he loves it. all in all the holiday was great. I went back to work today and the kids went to their fathers. so for the next 5 days it's just me and the wife and baby s. I miss them when they go, but they seem to be soo much more greatful when they come back.
It was a good day, untill i read a blog from oregon, i feel for you all with the newest news in the DP drama, my fingers are crossed that this is just a delay.

Monday, December 24, 2007

Merry Christmas!

I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday. I am done, it's all wrapped and under the tree. The 2 oldest come home this evening and the wife and baby S are napping. I am awaiting th in laws and am about to enjoy a good cup of coffee and a book to unwind. Have a great holiday!

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

almost Christmas

I love this time of year. I really do. With the job that i do sometimes i forget that the holidays anr suppose to be fun and not all about the screaming parents and there bratty kids with snot all over their faces. I just have to remember to step back and remember that it is all about family. We(I) have completed the holiday gifts tht we make every year for the grandparents. I have made wreaths for the last 5 years or so and my mother told me she was running out of places to put them, so this year we (i) made them lighted swags with cinnamon applesauce gingerbread men. My wonderful associate Tonya gave me the recipe for the gingerbread men and my house has smelled wonderful for the last month while they have been setting up, and awaiting their home. They turned out great and i hope the grandparents like them. I am in the process of getting the house in shape for company. I know in my heart that no one is going to be looking to find my dust bunnies but I still have to make sure they are well hidden. Well off to bed,

Friday, December 14, 2007

can i just say OUCH!!!!!

So today i went to see an orthopedic specialist for my knee. It was a visit i feel has long been put off, but what do i know i am just the injured person. I went in today and the dr poked and prodded and then told me that my MRI and my x-rays all looked normal. so it was soft tissure damage. Yeah?? then he whips out a ginormous needle and tells me that we are going to do a cortisone shot. I kid you not the needle was all of 4 inches long and i was scared, but the wife was with me so i didn't cry. He numbed the skin before he drove the needl in but it still hurt like HE@@. However 4 hours later and the knee feels much better. I know this is a bandaid of sorts, but at least now i might be able to work out again. I swear i have put on 20 pounds from the start of this and i hate it. oh well the wife says she wants to start running afeter the first of the year so i will start fresh then too
outa here.

Friday, December 7, 2007


Well December is here and the holiday portrait rush is almost over, thank you lord!!!
Just one more week and life can slow down for a few months. I love my job and what i do, i just miss some of the time in the studios now that i have my own market and not my own studio. I miss being the one that gets that great holiday pic. I still get to shoot but not like i use to. I will be so glad when next Sunday is over. I mean then maybe i can focus on my families Christmas stuff. We haven't even really started on the home made gifts yet. I do like to pretend that i am crafty this time of the year. I found a cute idea and we have gotten the supplies to do said project it had just yet to happen. It will , it may be Christmas eve but it will happen. I also just got confirmation on all the guests that we will be having for Christmas breakfast. My parents, the wife's parents, the wife's sister her husband and their 2 kids, our friend t and the ex in laws all over for breakfast. I am actually excited! this is the one time we all get together and it is usually fun. Ohh yeah i forgot E had his tonsils out and is doing great, one bad day but that is all. He lucked out and only had to miss 2 days of school, the other 3 were snow days!!! less make up work for the moms! well I am off to TRY and get baby S to sleep. Wish me luck