Friday, December 14, 2007

can i just say OUCH!!!!!

So today i went to see an orthopedic specialist for my knee. It was a visit i feel has long been put off, but what do i know i am just the injured person. I went in today and the dr poked and prodded and then told me that my MRI and my x-rays all looked normal. so it was soft tissure damage. Yeah?? then he whips out a ginormous needle and tells me that we are going to do a cortisone shot. I kid you not the needle was all of 4 inches long and i was scared, but the wife was with me so i didn't cry. He numbed the skin before he drove the needl in but it still hurt like HE@@. However 4 hours later and the knee feels much better. I know this is a bandaid of sorts, but at least now i might be able to work out again. I swear i have put on 20 pounds from the start of this and i hate it. oh well the wife says she wants to start running afeter the first of the year so i will start fresh then too
outa here.

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picturelady said...

oh I swear you are such a puss. Hahaha. Just kidding. I love you darling'.