Wednesday, December 19, 2007

almost Christmas

I love this time of year. I really do. With the job that i do sometimes i forget that the holidays anr suppose to be fun and not all about the screaming parents and there bratty kids with snot all over their faces. I just have to remember to step back and remember that it is all about family. We(I) have completed the holiday gifts tht we make every year for the grandparents. I have made wreaths for the last 5 years or so and my mother told me she was running out of places to put them, so this year we (i) made them lighted swags with cinnamon applesauce gingerbread men. My wonderful associate Tonya gave me the recipe for the gingerbread men and my house has smelled wonderful for the last month while they have been setting up, and awaiting their home. They turned out great and i hope the grandparents like them. I am in the process of getting the house in shape for company. I know in my heart that no one is going to be looking to find my dust bunnies but I still have to make sure they are well hidden. Well off to bed,

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