Friday, December 7, 2007


Well December is here and the holiday portrait rush is almost over, thank you lord!!!
Just one more week and life can slow down for a few months. I love my job and what i do, i just miss some of the time in the studios now that i have my own market and not my own studio. I miss being the one that gets that great holiday pic. I still get to shoot but not like i use to. I will be so glad when next Sunday is over. I mean then maybe i can focus on my families Christmas stuff. We haven't even really started on the home made gifts yet. I do like to pretend that i am crafty this time of the year. I found a cute idea and we have gotten the supplies to do said project it had just yet to happen. It will , it may be Christmas eve but it will happen. I also just got confirmation on all the guests that we will be having for Christmas breakfast. My parents, the wife's parents, the wife's sister her husband and their 2 kids, our friend t and the ex in laws all over for breakfast. I am actually excited! this is the one time we all get together and it is usually fun. Ohh yeah i forgot E had his tonsils out and is doing great, one bad day but that is all. He lucked out and only had to miss 2 days of school, the other 3 were snow days!!! less make up work for the moms! well I am off to TRY and get baby S to sleep. Wish me luck

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