Thursday, November 29, 2007

It realy happends everywhere

Well today was a Shitty day. I love the small town that we live in, for the most part. It is the same town that i grew up in, i know 75% of the people in this town and if i don't My mother does. Anyway homophobia showed it's ugly head today in my safe little town, and it was directed at my family. Yesterday the wife decided to finally fix the leaky kitchen sink and ended yo making it worse, we were still trying to fix it a midnight and gave up for the night. This morning she sent my favorite little cousin to the hardware store here in town to get a part that they needed to finish the project. He came home and told her that the owner of the hardware store refused to take our check. Not because he had a signed check but because of the tag line on our check. (you've got your hands on GAY money) Now the line is very very small and most people don't even notice it. We have had a few and the y just give us a look, but never has it been refused. So i called the owner of this little hardware store and he told me i wasn't forcing my beliefs on him. Now i was not trying to force anything on him i just wanted to get my sink fixed and be able to make a cup of coffee. I should probably tell you that i have known this man my entire life and until today i have loved his store. The guys in there have always been helpful and i know them all by name. I was told that if I wanted to purchase anything it would need to be with cash. I'm sure you know that we will never shop there again. I have told everyone that i know about this and am still very very mad. I was most upset when we told the kids about it and it made K lose her appetite. I was shocked at how much it seemed to affect her. I guess homophobia hurts more than just the gays. enough for now


The Recovering Straight Girl said...

Hey, where did you get those checks???

picturelady said...

I ordered them from current first and then my bank statrded printing and made them for me.