Thursday, March 27, 2008

It's Spring!!!!

Well it's officially spring and here in southeast Ohio it's still very cold. I didn't wear a coat for Christmas service and i wore one for Easter services. It makes no sense. We took the kids out bright and early to hunt eggs and they were ready to come in before all the eggs had been found. Our newest family member is doing very well and had taken to sleeping with the E. Yay for me I get my bed back. We have been to the vet with him twice now. One for a well puppy and one for a swollen face. he got bit or stung by something and looked like a prize fighter. all in all it's going well. so that is my spring update, more later.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

our new baby

we have adopted a beautiful 5 month old puppy. His name is MAC. If he grows into his legs and feet we are in soooo much trouble. He has had some separation anxiety and has not been eating but things are getting better and he is starting to warm up to us. however OkiNawa ( the wiener ) has let him know she is queen bitch and he better not forget it. I have not slept well since we got him as he is an enormous bed hog! so I am hoping that tonight will be better. wish me luck.

Monday, March 10, 2008

none of us are safe, untill all of us are safe.

I have stolen my blog title from one of my favorite blogs (Recovering Straight girl)
It is a very relevant topic that is going around the Internet and on television . It is a phrase that makes you stop and think that our community is in turmoil, our children are not safe and we as a community still have a long way to go to be treated equal. i think sometimes that because we live in a very excepting small town that we have been spoiled. I read somewhere today that in 2008 the lgbt community loses a member every 8 days to a violent crime. This outrages me and saddens me at the same time. in a time when people think that we as a community are safer than ever to lose that many people already this year should serve as a reminder that we are not as safe as we think we are. I know that a new president will not fix everything but it can't hurt. the current administration has done more to set us back and make us second class citizens than any in recent history. I know that my children and the children of there generation will change this nation to one that respects and treats all people no matter who they they love as equal. It is just a shame that we will have to wait that long for the basic rights that we deserve. it also amazes me that the children that we are raising and the children that they interact with will be the one who make us equal. I no this has gone long, but one last thing, check out there are some great videos that talk more about this issue. It's also a great blog. thanks for letting me rant.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

life is random

So everyone in my house is healthy!!!! It has been a very good week. We got out and voted on Tuesday with wonderful results. we have been getting along. I got new pillows for my bed though I am not sure that I like them, they are great big and fluffy. i have much to my wife's displeasure remembered that I love ebay and I have been bidding and winning many auctions. I love the last min bidding wars and take pleasure even when I don't win. i am evil I take pleasure in knowing that at least someone had to pay more if I don't win.
K is getting ready to start track next week so our weeks will soon be filled with many busy evenings of track meets ( yeah). It makes for a crazy spring but we love it. k enjoys the activity and it keeps her home more.
Not much else going on we are just enjoying being healthy. hope you are all well and getting ready for the upcoming spring.
So this pic is the lighting of our family candle @ our commitment ceremony 2 yrs ago

Sunday, March 2, 2008

saying goodbye

I just recently found out that two of the people that i greatly admire are leaving the organization that i volunteer with. (equality ohio) I have come to think of these two as the entire organization. A is the person that helped me get my video produced and B put me on outQ in the morning. Now I know that the entire perpouse of this organization is to help the glbt community but I just can't help but feel slightly sad that the people that i have worked so close with are leaving. I told the wife that I was done i couldn't work with anyone else. She effectively told me to grow up. I know that the fight for equality is far from over and that i need to grow up and fight on I will just miss both of these amazing people so much. I would like to say thank you so much to both of these wonderful people they showed me that even a small town dyke can have an impact on our community. they also helped me to have confidence in myself and know that we still need to work. so my hats are off to you A&B I wish you both the best of luck and I know that what ever organization you land with will be better off for our loss.