Tuesday, March 31, 2009

home improvements!

So as you all know we have been doing some home improvements here in smalltowndyke world. It's official they have officially started putting siding on our house!!! YES after3 summers without flowers I will get to have Flowers this year. I am so excited I can't wait. It will finally look like the clampits no longer live here. I am so happy new carpet and now the siding will be on soon, woot woot woot!!! Pics when it's done!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Spring break is over!

So spring break is in the bag, we are home and what a week we had! It was 5 days of fun. It started with the trip to Columbus and a build a bear adventure. The boys each made a new friend and had fun figuring out what they were going to wear. E made a fuzzy dog that he named Brice and dressed as a pilot. baby S made a monkey named Max who is going to be a pro golfer. K held our coats and tried to look bored. We made it to our hotel got checked in and took the kids swimming. Then we went to the waffle house. (their pick not mine) On Thursday we went to COSI I found an awesome deal and got us a family membership for 20 bucks for the year(that's 80 cheaper than we would have paid for the day) I am good. The kids had fun and we learned a bunch they loved the space and the ocean exhibits. After walking around all day we went back to our hotel and the kids swam for a bit and we went out for Japanese for dinner. we got back to the hotel and settled in for the night. On friday morning we went out to discover that someone had broken into our truck and stolen our GPS. Not a big deal but what a mess to clean up. We made a lovely cardboard window and headed out for the rest of our adventure. We dropped the dog at the hospital and went to the zoo. It was a nice day the kids had fun and we sort of got to see a 4 week old elephant. When we got back to the hotel the older kids swam , baby s napped and the wife and I got ready for our night out. We headed to the short north to a club we had heard about called liquid. It was one of the best clubs we have ever been to. The bar was great and once the music started the wife and I danced with several nice ladies. One woman told the wife that she made her feel young again. I should say that when she wants to the wife can really dance and I love to watch her dance with other women almost as much as I like to dance with her. Its nice to see that she can make others breathless and yet she still only has eyes for me. We drank many great cocktails and danced and flirted the night away. Came home on Saturday for a brief moment then headed to the in-laws house for the night. We got a picture taken today with all the grandkids(6) it only took 3 hrs and then we got to come home I am absolutely exhausted and ready to go back to work so I can get some rest. Hope you all had a great week.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Spring break!

the children and the wife are on spring break this week, so we decided to go to the beach. Well the little dog put a stop to that she has to see the vet this Thursday so we decided to stay in Ohio and just do some fun stuff close to home. We are going to take the kids and go to the zoo one day, COSI one day and then shopping and build a bear for a day. It may not be the beach but our hotel room has a hot tub and there is a heated pool, plus we will all be together and no work! I love just being away from home no worries no house work just relaxing and enjoying the family. Oh and I forgot the wife and I are going to hit a club on Friday that we have been wanting to go to we decided that since we are staying in Columbus and don't have to drive 2 hours home we may as well have some grown up time for spring break ;) have a great week everyone!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Tile ,carpet and a nice fire!

so it's all done tile carpet and I came home to a lovely fire just going to sit here tonight and enjoy the fire and my wife! thanks to everyone for there comments and well wishes.

email meme

Got this in e-mail today. I may have to tag someone...

You're it!!! If you opened it, you have to do it (it only takes a couple minutes... promise!) Then, send it back to the person who sent it to you and to the rest of your friends.

Five names you go by:
Shelly,Michelle,shell,mom,small town dyke

Three things you are wearing right now:
black pants,yellow button down 3inch heels

Three things you want very badly at the moment:
1. carpet installed
2. room back together
3. coffee

Two people who will probably fill this out:
ummm not sure

Two things you did last night?
played cards, fixed dinner

Two things you ate today:
nothing yet just got up

Two people you last talked to on the phone:
1. Tara
2. my wife

Two things you are doing tomorrow:
work and the gym

Two longest car rides:
1. Ohio to Texas
2. Ohio to south Carolina
not much for car trips would rather fly!

Two of your favorite beverages:
coffee and espresso

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

tile update!

Wow what a week and it's only tuesday! Tile is all done! I sealed it tonight and it looks good,if i do say so myself. We took up all of the old carpet and the new comes on thursday. I am excited and will post pics as soon as it's all done! My mother in law is coming to spend the night tomorrow and bringing the wife's 2 nieces with her. I have to work both days she will be here. It should be fun for the wife and kids. so I am off to bed everything on my body hurts but I will have a new living room soon, oh I forgot we went today and custom ordered a cabinet for the new room, I finally am getting rid of our ugly gigantic entertainment center!!!! go me

Sunday, March 15, 2009

tile is done well almost

Ok so baby S, E and I got the tile grouted today. It looks like it should i think it seems good and stuck to the floor. All thats left is to seal it but I have to wait 24 hours to do that. I guess we will know if it's a success soon enough, but for now it looks good.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

tile steps one and two done!

ok so we started the night by getting the ugly old carpet cut up and then the real work began. It was harder than I thought it would be but the tile is down!
baby S helped me cut the carpet up and pull it and the padding up and E helped me with the tile. He was great at handing the heavy tiles and the spacers to me !!!! So the grout goes down tomorrow! I'll update if I make it through the process.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

handy Dyke

So this week I decided that since it has been so nice I wanted to take down my winter drapes. This was all decided as I ran into wally world for cat litter on my day off. I happened to stop by the curtain dept just to see what they had. Well it turns out they had the colors of sheer panels that I wanted on clearance. so I called the wife and asked her how wide our living room window was.She was in the middle of class and thought that I was crazy, why would she know how wide the window was. Well I got the rod that would extend to 84 inches and lots of sheer panels and the matching scarves, and left. The wife got home that night and got out the handy tape measure and found out that our window is 104 inches wide. So my curtain rod didn't even come close to fitting. We decided to run to lowes and see what they had in the way of curtain rods. So long story short we found said curtain rod and for cheaper than they had it at wally world and should have left. I say should because that $10 curtain rod ended up costing alot more... We bought a weed eater and then found a dishwasher on clearance because the paint was chipped on the door. ummm ok where??? So we loaded our new toys up and head home. We get home and hang the curtains and start to put in the dishwasher, I say we but really I just stand there and give moral support. The bad news is the dishwasher was the wrong size it was about 2 inches to big to go where our current dishwasher is. So we went in the living room and looked at our new curtains, I really like my new curtains they just don't match my very old ugly carpet. So as we sat there we decided that what the new curtains need is new carpet to match. Sooo off to lowes this morning to order new carpet. We picked out a lovely Berber called "Jungle Beige", how great is that name!!! So now to the handy dyke part we have a fireplace and decided that we should tile in front of it for safety. My lovely wife says I get to do the tile and grouting and the sealing and all that. Me ummm little ole me. I am not handy but here is the deal. My mother in law laid her own tile so I opened my big mouth and said if she can do it so can I. what the he$8 was I thinking. so this Sunday my middle man and I will be laying tile. wish me luck!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

what a lovely day!

Today was a warm sunny windy march day. We took all 3 kids and the 2 dogs to the dog park so the 4 legged ones could play. We have 43 acres of land yet we drive 30 mins so little oki can play off the leash. (she tends to try and escape). I love the dog park. It's so much fun to watch the dogs interact. Our little Oki thinks she is the queen b. She takes no shit from anyone, on the other hand Mac our 120 pound wimeraner shakes as he goes in the fence. It takes 30 mins for him to get up the nerve to leave our side. He doesn't have any idea he's a big dog. Well today One of our children mastered the mountain climber at the dog park. It wasn't one of the dogs but we were still proud. I just hope that today is the norm as far as weather and that the snow is gone for the year. bring on spring this dyke is ready!!!

Friday, March 6, 2009

kid update

So just a little update on my munchkins.... While I was at work today my kids called thier father and told him they weren't comming to see him this weekend. I had no part in it, he can't blame me I was at work. I am so proud ofthem both for sticking to thier guns and talking to him about how they felt. Now I just hope that he is the grown up he should be and doesn't hold it against them when and if they chose to go see him. We took them out to dinner then shoe shopping tonight. I was glad have them home and as relaxed as they were, i love when they are just kids no worries no fear just them being them. thanks for all the good thoughts.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

the children

So I have written about my kids before. I have 3 children that I love more than life. The first 2 are from my previous marriage to a man. I got married when I was young to a boy that I grew up with. He was a decent man, and I'm sure it was hard for him when I finally got the nerve to come out. Anywho that is not the point of this post. My oldest two children go back and forth between our house and their fathers on the weekends. As of late they hate it. they don't want to go but they don't want to hurt their father. i have always told them that if they don't want to go they just have to call and tell him that they aren't coming and I will take it from there. they never call and go to his house each weekend and suffer. Every other week they only spend 1 night. It's these weekends that are the hardest. We usually go for breakfast on the Sundays they are with us, the last couple weeks we have spent breakfast going over all that is wrong at their fathers. I guess I should say that at their fathers they don't have rooms or beds or any kind of privacy. They also never get any alone time with their father. He has sense remarried and has a step son (who they say is mean as a snake) and a new baby with the new wife. They have signed the kids up for a bowling league and this is not something the kids like but must participate in EVERY WEEKEND. Anyway this past Saturday we were running about 5 mins behind to pick them up. the wife's phone rang it was K making sure we didn't forget them, it was 5 mins she was frantic didn't want to stay please get here. it was crazy. We get there they bolt for the car and off we go. Now E was very quiet i kept asking what was wrong with him he said nothing, then out of the blue he says can I cuss. Ummm sure buddy whats up.(he's9) He breaks out with my dads a pussy. ummm ok well that's not really a cuss word but it's not a nice word i said, then he says ok my dads a Fu#$8ng a$$hole. I about chocked on my soda. I was speechless. I said what brought that on and my daughter says and my stepmother is a F&^%ing B(*&^. Wow guys I said whats going on. K says she just hates going and never wants to go back. I tell them we will talk about it later but that they know how much they are loved at home and we will always be there for them. Here is my problem what do I do it's obviously not good for them to keep going there. But how and when do I talk to there father. Do I take him back to court, do I just quit sending them and let him take me back to court. Do I stick with the original plan and make them tell him first, I am so stressed over this i hate to send them, I hate how they are when they come back. It hurts me to think I am making them do something that hurts them. I never once would have dreamed that they would feel this way about their father . Help i need advice.

Monday, March 2, 2009

not the brightest thing I've ever done.

So about 6 weeks ago i got my nose pierced. I loved it!!! jump ahead six weeks ... I accidentally pulled said ring from my nose. Now if you have your nose pierced or know anyone that does you may know that nose rings come in many different varieties. The kind I was pierced with was the hook type. Not the best kind to try and replace into your now sore from having ripped it out in the first place nose. Long story shorter the wife and I tried for about 30 Min's to get said ring back in now very very sore nose and it just wasn't happening. I had caused the inside of my nose to swell when I ripped the ring out and all the fussing with it had created a knot around the interior hole. It was late on Friday night and I was upset I was afraid that I was going to lose my piercing. So i found a 20 gauge hoop and sterilized it and put it in my nose. I looked like a pirate, but figured that I would be able to live with it till I could get to the shop for the piercer guy to put the other one back in. I get to work the next morning and My boss was there. So have I mentioned that I am not suppose to have any facial piercings or visible tattoos? I have 5 visible tats and now the nose ring. I looked at her and said you decide to come see me when i have this giant hoop in my nose. She just laughed and said what hoop. Well I got to the shop later that afternoon and the piercer guy tells me that the knot on the inside is still to big and I will need to stay with the hoop. Ummmm OK for how long I asked him. His answer till the swelling goes away. So i leave the shop with a new hoop with a captive ball. I hate it i can see it hanging from my nose and I feel like a pirate. this was on Saturday and I was off yesterday. I had told myself that if I couldn't get the little stud back in tonight I was just going to take the hoop out and let it grow over. i came home kissed the wife and retreated to the bathroom nose ring and pliers in hand. I had to bend the hook almost flat but the hoop is gone and the little stud is back in my nose. It may never some out but at least I don't look like a pirate anymore. RRRRRR