Tuesday, March 17, 2009

tile update!

Wow what a week and it's only tuesday! Tile is all done! I sealed it tonight and it looks good,if i do say so myself. We took up all of the old carpet and the new comes on thursday. I am excited and will post pics as soon as it's all done! My mother in law is coming to spend the night tomorrow and bringing the wife's 2 nieces with her. I have to work both days she will be here. It should be fun for the wife and kids. so I am off to bed everything on my body hurts but I will have a new living room soon, oh I forgot we went today and custom ordered a cabinet for the new room, I finally am getting rid of our ugly gigantic entertainment center!!!! go me


Jude said...

good deal! can't wait for the pics.

Grumpy Granny said...

Oh, wow, home improvement! It never ends, does it? Well, TAG, you're it, so check it out over at my blog!


LilliGirl said...

Awesome stuff girl! I am proud of you!