Friday, March 6, 2009

kid update

So just a little update on my munchkins.... While I was at work today my kids called thier father and told him they weren't comming to see him this weekend. I had no part in it, he can't blame me I was at work. I am so proud ofthem both for sticking to thier guns and talking to him about how they felt. Now I just hope that he is the grown up he should be and doesn't hold it against them when and if they chose to go see him. We took them out to dinner then shoe shopping tonight. I was glad have them home and as relaxed as they were, i love when they are just kids no worries no fear just them being them. thanks for all the good thoughts.


Jude said...

Double Kudos to your kids. Have a great weekend.

LilliGirl said...

That's awesome. I know they must be proud of themselves (and relieved) too.