Thursday, March 12, 2009

handy Dyke

So this week I decided that since it has been so nice I wanted to take down my winter drapes. This was all decided as I ran into wally world for cat litter on my day off. I happened to stop by the curtain dept just to see what they had. Well it turns out they had the colors of sheer panels that I wanted on clearance. so I called the wife and asked her how wide our living room window was.She was in the middle of class and thought that I was crazy, why would she know how wide the window was. Well I got the rod that would extend to 84 inches and lots of sheer panels and the matching scarves, and left. The wife got home that night and got out the handy tape measure and found out that our window is 104 inches wide. So my curtain rod didn't even come close to fitting. We decided to run to lowes and see what they had in the way of curtain rods. So long story short we found said curtain rod and for cheaper than they had it at wally world and should have left. I say should because that $10 curtain rod ended up costing alot more... We bought a weed eater and then found a dishwasher on clearance because the paint was chipped on the door. ummm ok where??? So we loaded our new toys up and head home. We get home and hang the curtains and start to put in the dishwasher, I say we but really I just stand there and give moral support. The bad news is the dishwasher was the wrong size it was about 2 inches to big to go where our current dishwasher is. So we went in the living room and looked at our new curtains, I really like my new curtains they just don't match my very old ugly carpet. So as we sat there we decided that what the new curtains need is new carpet to match. Sooo off to lowes this morning to order new carpet. We picked out a lovely Berber called "Jungle Beige", how great is that name!!! So now to the handy dyke part we have a fireplace and decided that we should tile in front of it for safety. My lovely wife says I get to do the tile and grouting and the sealing and all that. Me ummm little ole me. I am not handy but here is the deal. My mother in law laid her own tile so I opened my big mouth and said if she can do it so can I. what the he$8 was I thinking. so this Sunday my middle man and I will be laying tile. wish me luck!


Dawg said...

Wish you luck!
My tile project, didn't go so well, I had to call in reinforcements aka professionals.

LilliGirl said...

I do wish you luck. I'm lousy with grout but ripped out all my own carpet and re-did my floors with vinyl tile.

Indigo said...

Good luck~ I'm pretty useless around the house, but love a job well done. I love the great out doors myself.... not gardening... walking, running, sex!!