Friday, September 26, 2008

The debates

So we just finished watching the first debate. I am even more behind Obama, I think this man has our best interests at heart. I am not going to turn this blog into a political blog but I just know in my heart of hearts that this man is the best chance I have of getting to marry my wife and this is my biggest issue. I know that all people are sceptical of politicians and rightly so but come on if Obama can achieve 2% of what he says he wants to do is that not better than what we have now. I watched the debate and just felt that Mccain was just evil, the
smirks the condecending attitude the arogance. so I will stop now. just one last thing.


Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Guess I should Check in more often.

So I have not been on the ball lately. I was out of town for a week long business trip and then it's just been crazy at work, so I have neglected my blog. I got a nice email from someone who reads the blog who let me know I have received hate mail. I can't believe that my little blog about nothing received hate mail. does this mean that I have some how made it in the blog world ?? I think not I think that this person is probably just a small minded man who has been turned down by one to many lesbians so now he stalks the Internet looking to hurt or attempt to hurt women. I just want him to know that he has not hurt me he will not silence me and no I will not repent for loving my wife and the wonderful family that we have. All he has done is make it so I now have to approve the comments on this blog. Ouch oh ouch. I would remind this small minded person that we do live in a society that is still free no thanks to W but it is still a free country and I am able to love whom I chose and I believe that the goddess created me just the way I am. So put that in your pipe and smoke it patrick, and by the way you are a nut case.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

The perfect revenge

I have just found the most awesome way to get back at Sara palin. I read several blogs and none that are political all the time. It just amazes me that this woman has everyday people so mad that they blog about her, but I digress... I was visiting grumpygranny and she had the best idea and most fitting way to get back at Sara Palin. just go to
and make a donation in her name. Planned parenthood will then let her know that a donation was made in her name. This will let her know that the women of America want reproductive fredom and family planning. things that I'm sure her own daughter would love to have had access to. Any who this is a great way to get the point across and a great charity to help out. It's realy a win win for all involved.

Thursday, September 4, 2008


so the wife decided that we needed to watch the Repblicans again tonight. It was a nauseating hour and a half. I watched mrs mcSAME read a dead pan speach verbatim and the wife wanted to know if we could request the cat in the hat next. I was not at all impressed. Then we sat threw mcSAME and though he infruiated me at time by running Barack into the ground. the man really didn't have much to say. I along with most Americans feel that what he suffered in Vietnam was a horrible thing that should never have happened to any one but when that is the best part of your speech what does that say about your platform. I know now that I will be out knocking on doors and registering people to vote even more now that I know just what a waste of time this man is. I will do my part to get Barack Obama elected. Ohio is a battleground state and I will do my part to help the democrates win not only my state but the white house.
GO Obama Go !!!!!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

I didn't realise we were electing a homecomming queen!

so I realise that watching the other parties convention was going to be a challenge. It wasn't one that I could stomach without a bloody Mary or 3. I watched tonight just to see what this woman was about. I was so relieved to find out just what a joke she is. I thought that maybe she would have some good points but sadly I was mistaken. She will never be a Hillary substitute, she will never be more than the republican joke. I actually feel sorry for her. As she spoke you could tell she believes in what she is saying. All I could think of was why is her 5 month old child being passed around when it should be in bed. Then she pimped out her special needs child as one more reason to vote for her. I just feel bad for her how can you pimp your kids like that. I know that all families have challenges I mean come on I have a 15 yr old. I know that at any time I could be a grandma, not that i want to be anytime soon. I would however like to know that my daughter still had options that she alone is capable of making. I know I am ranting and it's the bloody Marys talking but I hope and pray that this woman is no where near the white house any time soon.