Sunday, January 27, 2008

My mom.

Tomorrow is my mothers birthday, she will be 61. As i sit here wondering what i am going to get for her i am struck by just how much she does for me still today. She and my stepfather are the ones that take care of baby S for us. I know that he is a handful for them sometimes but they can not stand the thought of someone else watching him. They also take E one night a week so he gets special grandma time. She is an amazing person. I am adopted so we have a very different kind of close special bond. I think this comes from knowing that i was a gift to her and i try and treat that with respect. Now this is not saying that i didn't give her trouble as a child or as a teen or as an adult. I mean i came out at 30. She has always stood by me no matter what, i know that is a mothers job, but when i look back at my life i think there are times that i might have walked away on me. She loves and respects my wife and treats my non biological son just as she does my bio kids. she is a truly amazing woman. I know that i will never be able to emulate her patience or her always calm attitude, i have a bit of a temper and am the most impatient person i know, but i know that my love of all people comes from her. she taught me from a very young age that all people count for something. (even if they smell like last weeks trash) I just hope that when i grow up i am able to teach my children just some of the lessons that this wonderful woman has taught me. I love you Mom.
Happy Birthday!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

from slow sunday to CRAZY monday!

So we had a wonderful dinner on Sunday, we took one of our best friends Tara out to dinner at the kids favorite restaurant, we shopped for a bit and then went home. The wife had to work so as she was getting ready to go she kissed baby S goodnight and told me he felt warm. I gave him some Tylenol and we went to bed. He is cutting 4 teeth, only thing that is going on with him right now, no cold no nothing, so i figure it's just the teeth. Well he was a bit fussy all night not really awake just restless, so he still felt hot and i gave him some more medicine. at 6:58 am he woke me shaking or so i thought he was having a seizure, if you have never seen this it is the most terrifying thing to see your child shake and be unresponsive and his lips were blue. i ran to the bathroom with him thinking bring the fever down, i know i wasn't in my right mind but i thought about jumping in a cold shower with him. I am screaming for my 14 yr old to come because i need her, not sure why but i didn't want to be alone. She comes in and panics (like mother like daughter) I finally call the Dr's answering service and she tells Me they open in 45 Mins. My son is having a seizure and she wants me to wait BI#$% i gave her my info and told her to have the Dr call me. Meanwhile i call the wife and she is not picking up, so she calls back about 2 Mins later as the answering service beeps in and i manage to yell at the wife get your ass home baby S is having a seizure. So K gets me some clothes So i don't have to go to the er in my nightgown and she finds my shoes and as the wife pulls in baby s and i get in the car. we go to the hospital and he wakes up finally! The nurses were great 2 mommies was not an issue(yet) we got pedialite in him and some medicine for his 103.6 temp then we see the Dr an old man who we could tell did not approve of us. No big deal not everyone has to like us. He tells us the blood work is good and the urine is good and that this just happened, go home and watch him. WTF hello why did this happen why the fever, is it going to happen again????? the man had NO clue. So we left, came home and called our regular pediatrician and went to see him last night. I told him all of our concerns and what was going on and he told us baby S may have roseolla, which caused his seisure and the chances of it happening again are 1-2% . Wheww. Now today you would never know that this baby had anything wrong. no fever no nothing back to a happy gigglely baby, who knows, i'm just glad he's ok.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Slow sundays

I so love my Sundays off. I don't get them a lot but when i do we always try and do something fun with the kids. So i asked them what they wanted to do and they have decided that we are going to go out for dinner at there favorite restaurant. so today we will be driving about an hour for dinner at this fabulous Japanese steak house. Lazy day and i don't have to cook! The first time we took the kids to this restaurant they had no idea what was going to happen, they had never been to a hibachi grill and the chef had E in tears, he thought that he was going to burn the place down. But now many trips later it is there fave and i swear E could eat his weight in fried rice. I like it because no one else in the family likes Sushi and this gives me the chance to eat sushi YUMMY. so hope you all have and equally lazy happy Sunday.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Back to work

So today was my first full day of work after a 13 day vacation (during which i did nothing!). It was a long day i spent 5hrs driving and 6 hours on the job. It was a good drive. I listened to a couple of podcasts i have been saving for a long drive and i laughed my ass off at the dykedrama girls. I told my boss that i have decided to stay with the company and have decided that i am going to be back at full bitch mode very soon. I have 48 ladies that directly report to me and i swear that most of the time it is like babysitting instead of managing adults. I mean i have a job to do and we all have issues, but damn just go to work and do your job. That is what you get paid for. I have one woman sending me text messages that are completely not OK. IF she were a man she would be gone no questions asked, but since she is a woman they think it's not sexual harassment. (BULLSHIT). I am out at work have been everyone that works for me knows that i have a wife it's not OK. Anyway, i have decided that i will keep this job in part do to that fact that my boss J lets me make my own schedule and i can take off the time that i need to volunteer with Equality Ohio. Now for the big news.... I have been asked to help find a place to screen the documentary For the Bible tells me so, in our area. I was very excited to be apart of this , I just hope that i don't screw it up. Well off to bed.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

I look like a dyke again!!!!

So I had decided that I wanted to grow my hair out long again. I should probably start by saying that i normally wear it short, very short about 1 1/2 inch long sexy, spiky, messy, dyke doo. WELL I thought i would let it grow. Now at first it's just a longer version of what I'm use to, then it gets really long and heavy and it wont do anything. I know it's got to look bad before it gets better but man it was getting bad. I went to my stylist and told her i was done i new i couldn't handle it and i was getting a mullet. She sat me down and trimmed the back and told me i was done. The wife laughed her ass off. I went back a week later and she trimmed it i mean trimmed it about 1/4 of an inch. I thought OK she is just doing what i told her i wanted to do (let it grow). I in the mean time am looking like a shaggy dog. I hated it. However the same girl has done my hair forever and i am kind of funny when it comes to my hair so i have just let it grow. that was until the wife stopped wanting to cuddle in bed. my hair was bothering her. Off to the mall we went and I look like a dyke again. yeah pics to follow if i can get them to load. It's funny i didn't realise that my confidence was slipping, until I walked out of the salon and My mother even told me i looked happier. It's funny what we associate with our hair.

I should clarify the wife didn't like to snuggle because my hair would go up her nose no fun for her. She would love me no matter what.

Saturday, January 5, 2008

new year new me

SO the new year is here and i have yet to make any real resolutions. I mean other than the fact that i am going to live my life as a gay woman, in every way all the time. I have been thinking that i want to do more activism. I went to the democratic caucus for my Congressional district the other night to get people to sign postcards for Equality Ohio. the goal is to get as many like minded people to sign post cards so that someday i may not be able to be fired for being gay in the state of Ohio. The wife and I went with one other gentleman. It was an experience, we weren't sure what to expect and it turned into a very eye opening experience. WE got to the event and it was cold 15 degree with wind cold, and we were told we would be outside. We went in and used the bathroom and the woman who was running the caucus told us that we could stand in the vestibule and not outside her words were "it's to damn cold for that." So i told her what we were there for and she immediately yells for her sister to come and meet us. Now her sister was a very nice looking iron worker.(enough said) She filled out a our postcard and took a large stack of them and handed them out. It was very nice to know that we had friends on the inside at that point. So the wife is a very quiet person, and she was volunteered for this she told me she would do back up for me and just be there with an extra clip board in case i needed it. Well she decided to approach a couple of men and told them what we were doing and the one man said " i ain't got time for homos" needless to say she didn't ask anyone else to sign. I felt bad for her. She said she would be glad to do this again in a more gay environment. I should say the majority of the people there were steel and iron worker union members, kind of an intimidating bunch of men. but back to my original point. I have decided that along with doing more yoga this year I am going do volunteer at least once a month for some queer activism. Oh and i am done pretending that i want to grow my hair out i am a dyke and i like my short dyke hair. The wife is rejoicing , she hates it long and by long i mean maybe 4 inches. so happy new year.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year!

I hope that this year is a great year for us all. I am going to do my part and help to facilitate change in on way or another, this is my resolution. I am going to love my wife openly and not give a shit who is around every single day, i will show these close minded idiots that we are just a normal family and they better get use to us because our day is coming, I know it is my children are proof of that. I know the next generation is already the one that will make sure that GLBT people are just people. OK so enough soap box Have a wonderful happy equal new year