Monday, January 14, 2008

Back to work

So today was my first full day of work after a 13 day vacation (during which i did nothing!). It was a long day i spent 5hrs driving and 6 hours on the job. It was a good drive. I listened to a couple of podcasts i have been saving for a long drive and i laughed my ass off at the dykedrama girls. I told my boss that i have decided to stay with the company and have decided that i am going to be back at full bitch mode very soon. I have 48 ladies that directly report to me and i swear that most of the time it is like babysitting instead of managing adults. I mean i have a job to do and we all have issues, but damn just go to work and do your job. That is what you get paid for. I have one woman sending me text messages that are completely not OK. IF she were a man she would be gone no questions asked, but since she is a woman they think it's not sexual harassment. (BULLSHIT). I am out at work have been everyone that works for me knows that i have a wife it's not OK. Anyway, i have decided that i will keep this job in part do to that fact that my boss J lets me make my own schedule and i can take off the time that i need to volunteer with Equality Ohio. Now for the big news.... I have been asked to help find a place to screen the documentary For the Bible tells me so, in our area. I was very excited to be apart of this , I just hope that i don't screw it up. Well off to bed.

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The Recovering Straight Girl said...

you won't screw it up! it's a fabulous movie BTW.