Tuesday, January 22, 2008

from slow sunday to CRAZY monday!

So we had a wonderful dinner on Sunday, we took one of our best friends Tara out to dinner at the kids favorite restaurant, we shopped for a bit and then went home. The wife had to work so as she was getting ready to go she kissed baby S goodnight and told me he felt warm. I gave him some Tylenol and we went to bed. He is cutting 4 teeth, only thing that is going on with him right now, no cold no nothing, so i figure it's just the teeth. Well he was a bit fussy all night not really awake just restless, so he still felt hot and i gave him some more medicine. at 6:58 am he woke me shaking or so i thought he was having a seizure, if you have never seen this it is the most terrifying thing to see your child shake and be unresponsive and his lips were blue. i ran to the bathroom with him thinking bring the fever down, i know i wasn't in my right mind but i thought about jumping in a cold shower with him. I am screaming for my 14 yr old to come because i need her, not sure why but i didn't want to be alone. She comes in and panics (like mother like daughter) I finally call the Dr's answering service and she tells Me they open in 45 Mins. My son is having a seizure and she wants me to wait BI#$% i gave her my info and told her to have the Dr call me. Meanwhile i call the wife and she is not picking up, so she calls back about 2 Mins later as the answering service beeps in and i manage to yell at the wife get your ass home baby S is having a seizure. So K gets me some clothes So i don't have to go to the er in my nightgown and she finds my shoes and as the wife pulls in baby s and i get in the car. we go to the hospital and he wakes up finally! The nurses were great 2 mommies was not an issue(yet) we got pedialite in him and some medicine for his 103.6 temp then we see the Dr an old man who we could tell did not approve of us. No big deal not everyone has to like us. He tells us the blood work is good and the urine is good and that this just happened, go home and watch him. WTF hello why did this happen why the fever, is it going to happen again????? the man had NO clue. So we left, came home and called our regular pediatrician and went to see him last night. I told him all of our concerns and what was going on and he told us baby S may have roseolla, which caused his seisure and the chances of it happening again are 1-2% . Wheww. Now today you would never know that this baby had anything wrong. no fever no nothing back to a happy gigglely baby, who knows, i'm just glad he's ok.

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The Recovering Straight Girl said...

I'm sorry you had to go through that, kids and fevers are so dramatic! Febrial seizures are usually harmless, and kids typically grow out of them, but they are very scary!

Hope he feels better soon!