Thursday, January 10, 2008

I look like a dyke again!!!!

So I had decided that I wanted to grow my hair out long again. I should probably start by saying that i normally wear it short, very short about 1 1/2 inch long sexy, spiky, messy, dyke doo. WELL I thought i would let it grow. Now at first it's just a longer version of what I'm use to, then it gets really long and heavy and it wont do anything. I know it's got to look bad before it gets better but man it was getting bad. I went to my stylist and told her i was done i new i couldn't handle it and i was getting a mullet. She sat me down and trimmed the back and told me i was done. The wife laughed her ass off. I went back a week later and she trimmed it i mean trimmed it about 1/4 of an inch. I thought OK she is just doing what i told her i wanted to do (let it grow). I in the mean time am looking like a shaggy dog. I hated it. However the same girl has done my hair forever and i am kind of funny when it comes to my hair so i have just let it grow. that was until the wife stopped wanting to cuddle in bed. my hair was bothering her. Off to the mall we went and I look like a dyke again. yeah pics to follow if i can get them to load. It's funny i didn't realise that my confidence was slipping, until I walked out of the salon and My mother even told me i looked happier. It's funny what we associate with our hair.

I should clarify the wife didn't like to snuggle because my hair would go up her nose no fun for her. She would love me no matter what.

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