Sunday, January 27, 2008

My mom.

Tomorrow is my mothers birthday, she will be 61. As i sit here wondering what i am going to get for her i am struck by just how much she does for me still today. She and my stepfather are the ones that take care of baby S for us. I know that he is a handful for them sometimes but they can not stand the thought of someone else watching him. They also take E one night a week so he gets special grandma time. She is an amazing person. I am adopted so we have a very different kind of close special bond. I think this comes from knowing that i was a gift to her and i try and treat that with respect. Now this is not saying that i didn't give her trouble as a child or as a teen or as an adult. I mean i came out at 30. She has always stood by me no matter what, i know that is a mothers job, but when i look back at my life i think there are times that i might have walked away on me. She loves and respects my wife and treats my non biological son just as she does my bio kids. she is a truly amazing woman. I know that i will never be able to emulate her patience or her always calm attitude, i have a bit of a temper and am the most impatient person i know, but i know that my love of all people comes from her. she taught me from a very young age that all people count for something. (even if they smell like last weeks trash) I just hope that when i grow up i am able to teach my children just some of the lessons that this wonderful woman has taught me. I love you Mom.
Happy Birthday!

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