Saturday, February 2, 2008

GO Oregon!!!!

what a week, i just found out that my company has yet to print my w2s due to a computer glitch and apparently the glitch was given to the insurance company because do to a computer error i am showing no health dental or vision insurance. i am sure this glitch will not effect them taking my premiums from my check but i digress. while it has been a bad start to the month here in small town ohio, my fellow bloggers in oregon got wonderful news to start the month. They can all be leagaly Domestic Partners. I am sooo jealous and yet so happy for them. I know it will be awhile before Ohio comes around but I know it will happen. Anyway congrats to Recovering Straight girl , Lelo and all the other wonderful portland area bloggers.

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The Recovering Straight Girl said...

Thank you for your well wishes! We're pretty excited around here!