Tuesday, February 19, 2008

wonderful life

this has been a wonderful week. we stayed home for valentines and had a great night as a family. It was wonderful to just hangout with the kids and not have the presure of the date night. we then had a wonderful weekend just being together. I took sunday and monday off with the kids and we just played. I love days with no plans that just work out. the wife and i have found a wonderful lesbian author by the name of Radclyffe. she writes wonderful lesbian novels. the wife is not a big reader but she finds herself unable to put her books down. I read an entire book sunday. I couldn't put it down, i kept saying 1more chapter till it was done. anyway it's just been a great lazy week. hope you are all enjoying yourselves.

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soulspeak23 said...

Give Sarah Waters a shot too. She's another great one.

I really enjoy your blog and I"ve linked it to mine. I hope you don't mind.