Saturday, February 9, 2008

life or something like it.

so this has been a very crazy week. first K comes home from school on Monday with a cold/flu yuck. I figure at this point we will all end up with it. she misses school on Tuesday and the Nazi principal calls to find out where she is. Ummm in bed with a fever very sick. he yells about this being the week that students are counted for funding and she better have a note so they can still count her. Hello FU#$ wad she is sick, it is my prerogative as her mother to keep her home. Leave us alone. Now if she was the kind of child that missed a lot of school i could see why he called but this is the first day that she has missed all year. Sooo sorry we didn't check with you before we scheduled her with the flu. Asshole! Well E got it next though not as bad a few doses of over the counter meds and he was back to good. the wife, Spencer and i were good up until yesterday when i had to take a trip to urgent care. I had a headache that would not go away. turns out it was a muscle spasm tension induced headache that the Dr said would be helped by removing stress for my life. I had 3 call offs while i was in the Dr office. Stress what stress. So i told that nice man to sign me up for a 1 week drug induced coma. He didn't go for it, so i will fight these headaches with the very good drugs he gave me . the baby and the wife are still doing well. Fingers crossed it stays that way.

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