Friday, October 26, 2007

still in limbo

so went to the doc today for the injured leg, it is still no better. The doc has told me that i have now inured my hip by favoring my knee. I am still only allowed to drive for 4 hours which with my job only allows me to cove about a 1/3 of my area. It sucks and the boss wants me back at full speed. It sucks because i feel like i am letting her down but i know that i need to do this to fully recover from the accident. therpy seems to be helping a bit but who knows. i am just sooo frustrated. but maybe soon i will be back up to speed. later days

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

dear MRS president

well here it is my first political blog. I must start this by saying that until baby s was born i was not at all apolitical person. there is just something about having your basic freedoms stripped from you for being who you are that tend to get me rilled up, but any who... I was very much a barack obama supporter, that is until yesterday. I was shocked and appalled that the man that thought would help to give me the right to marry my wife someday would commit such political suicide as to put at "recovering " homosexual on any part of his campaign . It just made me stop and think that if this man is that stupid then i really do not want him running my country. I know that it was probably not his decision but you would think that he would know a little bit about what was going on. I am sure that he would never put a member of the KKK on the campaign trail with himself, i just want to say wake up you just lost one vote for shear stupidity. I know that the gay vote is only 10 % but look at bush's first theft of office that 10% would have went a long way that night. any way i feel better now that I have ranted and the wife won't have to listen to me for a few mins. later OH i almost forgot I guess my chant for 2008 is Hillary for president!!!!!

Monday, October 15, 2007

ahhhhh the in laws are comming!!!!

So my in laws are coming up this weekend for a trip to the zoo. I have known that this visit is this weekend for some time now , since i planned this one, what i didn't count on was k's running schedule to get changed at the last minuet and for them to have to actually spend the night in my home. It was suppose to work out that we met here and drove to Columbus and overnight there. you know a few mins in the house and then out the door for a fun filled weekend. now they are staying here. I should say that i love my in laws and am glad to have them up for that weekend. it's just that since i injured my knee and the wife has been sick the house is not in the best of shape. I don't want you to think it's a site or anything but it's not in mother in law shape. so now i have to clean Yuck. iknow i should be doing it now but i am on here complaining about it instead. I love this blog now i bitch and whine here and not as much at home . thanks for listining.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Proud MOM

Well today was k's biggest cross country meet of the season, it was the league championship. For some reason the cc Gods decides to drop the temp here in Ohio by about 30 degrees today and the kids had great weather to run in. Let me just start by saying this sport has taught me what it is to be a sport mom. I don't care who you are or where you place cc parents cheer for everyone, the first person to the last. You also yell encouragement to every child that looks like they need it, weathered you know the kid or not. It is a great group of people. I have had a great time this year and the wife and i feel like each of the kids are now at least a Little bit ours. It;s funny how that happens. But i digress all of our kids ran their guts out tonight, I have never Been so proud of a bunch of kids in my life. Our boys came in second place in the league and it was close only 4 points separated them from the win. However my wonderful, beautiful and talented daughter came in 2o Th beating her personal best time by 1min and 34 seconds. I have never seen this kid so determined. She ran so hard at the end that she blacked out for about 30 seconds. I was still doing my happy dance and missed it but she recovered and asked for a hot dog so i guess she was OK. any who she did sooo well that she has gotten her varsity letter in Cross Country and she is only a freshman. I am soooooo very proud of her. i am just beaming

Monday, October 8, 2007

isn't it all suspose to be about me???

Well let me start by saying that i know i can be a very self absorbed person. I don't think that over all this makes me a bad person. I am just quite controlling and i like things done my way. I am not a neat freak and i am most of the time a really good person. My kids always come first and i am a great mother so they say. I am however having some issues with not being the center of my wives universe. I know that she loves me and i know that she loves our kids, it just seems like i have taken the back seat to the baby and yes i am whining here i know that he needs her more than i do but i find my self being soooo jealous of him. Now before the hate mail i know that this is selfish and i know that i am being dumb. It;s just that with her working nights we have very little us time and when we get a few minutes i feel like she is either to tired to deal with me or the kids have her preoccupied. I know I'm an adult and should be able to handle this, i just feel so rejected sometimes. I know that she loves me and that she would do anything for me and she is great with helping with the house and the kids. It just seems lately like we are roommates and not spouses. I sometimes wonder what it would be like to just go away for a week with just us, no kids no dogs just us even just 72 hours of uninterrupted us time. I know this is a dream and that i don't have to worry about it happening any time soon we could neither one leave the baby for that long, but It's nice to dream.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

for my daughter

I just stopped by one of my favorite blogs (Recovering Straight Girl) and saw her amazing post. It made me stop and think about body image and what i do to my wonderful daughter. She is amazing and sooo beautiful on the outside, and even more so on the inside. I do not take any credit for the fact that she has a strong self esteem. I am just glad that she does. If you haven't seem the new dove beauty product ads you should check them out. In this house from now on we only buy dove.
check it out, it will amaze you what we are doing to young girls.