Wednesday, October 24, 2007

dear MRS president

well here it is my first political blog. I must start this by saying that until baby s was born i was not at all apolitical person. there is just something about having your basic freedoms stripped from you for being who you are that tend to get me rilled up, but any who... I was very much a barack obama supporter, that is until yesterday. I was shocked and appalled that the man that thought would help to give me the right to marry my wife someday would commit such political suicide as to put at "recovering " homosexual on any part of his campaign . It just made me stop and think that if this man is that stupid then i really do not want him running my country. I know that it was probably not his decision but you would think that he would know a little bit about what was going on. I am sure that he would never put a member of the KKK on the campaign trail with himself, i just want to say wake up you just lost one vote for shear stupidity. I know that the gay vote is only 10 % but look at bush's first theft of office that 10% would have went a long way that night. any way i feel better now that I have ranted and the wife won't have to listen to me for a few mins. later OH i almost forgot I guess my chant for 2008 is Hillary for president!!!!!

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