Saturday, July 31, 2010


The little man is coming today and staying until thursday! I can't wait to have all the kids in the house again! I miss him like crazy. It will be nice to have them all here and underfoot! pics to follow the visit!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

summer time

It seems like this summer is flying by way to quick. I have been super busy with work and a crazy schedule so I feel like I haven't seen the children nearly as much as I want too. I miss them and they are here. K started conditioning for cross country and it makes me want to cry. This is her 6th season, she is going to be a senior in high school and that makes me want to cry. I can not believe that my little girl is that old. it seems like yesterday she was born and in a month she starts her last year of high school. I am a mess just writing that, I can't imagine what it will be like when I say I'm sending her off to basic training. E is going to start 4th grade this year and is excited to be back in school. S maybe starting preschool in the fall if all goes well! My babies are growing up and I am not at all excited. but enough sad this weekend the cop and I are meeting up with Kristy and our friend Amy to go to the Zoo!!!! I will have all 3 of my kids together!!! I miss having S here all the time so what time I get with him is so special. I can't wait to see his face when he sees the polar bears. I love the zoo! have a great week !

Friday, July 16, 2010


I can not believe I haven't posted for a month. It has been crazy busy here and at work. The kids are having a great summer and I am hoping that we are able to do somethings before it gets away from us. WE are planning a trip to the zoo to see the new polar bear exhibit, and maybe a camping trip with my mom. It should be fun.
Life with the cop is never ever dull and we are getting along very very well. The kids adore her and she loves being around them (she spoils them rotten). I will tell you that I never thought I would date a cop and it has been quite the adjustment I don't like worrying every time she is on duty. It was getting better until she went back to the local sheriff department and they put her on the tactical team. Now I worry even more, I'm adjusting it's just hard every time she walks out the door I say a little prayer and I'm not a religious person. On another note I really like her family. Her mom took me to bingo and I even won a few games. I think that she is what I have always needed and just didn't know it. ( and yes Jude I like the other perks too:)!) I hope that I can get back to blogging soon it just seems like we never stop I have started biking and hope that someday I learn to like it as much as lifting weights. So I hope you are all enjoying your summer and the pride season.
I will return to blogging I just have to find time!