Friday, July 16, 2010


I can not believe I haven't posted for a month. It has been crazy busy here and at work. The kids are having a great summer and I am hoping that we are able to do somethings before it gets away from us. WE are planning a trip to the zoo to see the new polar bear exhibit, and maybe a camping trip with my mom. It should be fun.
Life with the cop is never ever dull and we are getting along very very well. The kids adore her and she loves being around them (she spoils them rotten). I will tell you that I never thought I would date a cop and it has been quite the adjustment I don't like worrying every time she is on duty. It was getting better until she went back to the local sheriff department and they put her on the tactical team. Now I worry even more, I'm adjusting it's just hard every time she walks out the door I say a little prayer and I'm not a religious person. On another note I really like her family. Her mom took me to bingo and I even won a few games. I think that she is what I have always needed and just didn't know it. ( and yes Jude I like the other perks too:)!) I hope that I can get back to blogging soon it just seems like we never stop I have started biking and hope that someday I learn to like it as much as lifting weights. So I hope you are all enjoying your summer and the pride season.
I will return to blogging I just have to find time!

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vixen kitten said...

You are missed!

We'll be here waiting for when life slows down some.

I hope your summer is beautiful.