Sunday, January 20, 2008

Slow sundays

I so love my Sundays off. I don't get them a lot but when i do we always try and do something fun with the kids. So i asked them what they wanted to do and they have decided that we are going to go out for dinner at there favorite restaurant. so today we will be driving about an hour for dinner at this fabulous Japanese steak house. Lazy day and i don't have to cook! The first time we took the kids to this restaurant they had no idea what was going to happen, they had never been to a hibachi grill and the chef had E in tears, he thought that he was going to burn the place down. But now many trips later it is there fave and i swear E could eat his weight in fried rice. I like it because no one else in the family likes Sushi and this gives me the chance to eat sushi YUMMY. so hope you all have and equally lazy happy Sunday.

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