Saturday, January 5, 2008

new year new me

SO the new year is here and i have yet to make any real resolutions. I mean other than the fact that i am going to live my life as a gay woman, in every way all the time. I have been thinking that i want to do more activism. I went to the democratic caucus for my Congressional district the other night to get people to sign postcards for Equality Ohio. the goal is to get as many like minded people to sign post cards so that someday i may not be able to be fired for being gay in the state of Ohio. The wife and I went with one other gentleman. It was an experience, we weren't sure what to expect and it turned into a very eye opening experience. WE got to the event and it was cold 15 degree with wind cold, and we were told we would be outside. We went in and used the bathroom and the woman who was running the caucus told us that we could stand in the vestibule and not outside her words were "it's to damn cold for that." So i told her what we were there for and she immediately yells for her sister to come and meet us. Now her sister was a very nice looking iron worker.(enough said) She filled out a our postcard and took a large stack of them and handed them out. It was very nice to know that we had friends on the inside at that point. So the wife is a very quiet person, and she was volunteered for this she told me she would do back up for me and just be there with an extra clip board in case i needed it. Well she decided to approach a couple of men and told them what we were doing and the one man said " i ain't got time for homos" needless to say she didn't ask anyone else to sign. I felt bad for her. She said she would be glad to do this again in a more gay environment. I should say the majority of the people there were steel and iron worker union members, kind of an intimidating bunch of men. but back to my original point. I have decided that along with doing more yoga this year I am going do volunteer at least once a month for some queer activism. Oh and i am done pretending that i want to grow my hair out i am a dyke and i like my short dyke hair. The wife is rejoicing , she hates it long and by long i mean maybe 4 inches. so happy new year.

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The Recovering Straight Girl said...

Best of luck with your volunteer ventures, I have the same ideas for the New Year

Do I have your permission to link your blog on my blog under Other RSG's? You can let me know.