Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Guess I should Check in more often.

So I have not been on the ball lately. I was out of town for a week long business trip and then it's just been crazy at work, so I have neglected my blog. I got a nice email from someone who reads the blog who let me know I have received hate mail. I can't believe that my little blog about nothing received hate mail. does this mean that I have some how made it in the blog world ?? I think not I think that this person is probably just a small minded man who has been turned down by one to many lesbians so now he stalks the Internet looking to hurt or attempt to hurt women. I just want him to know that he has not hurt me he will not silence me and no I will not repent for loving my wife and the wonderful family that we have. All he has done is make it so I now have to approve the comments on this blog. Ouch oh ouch. I would remind this small minded person that we do live in a society that is still free no thanks to W but it is still a free country and I am able to love whom I chose and I believe that the goddess created me just the way I am. So put that in your pipe and smoke it patrick, and by the way you are a nut case.


Bright Crow said...

Hi, Friend.

Your comment on my buddy Igraine's GrumpyGranny site caught my attention, because Patrick hit my blog, too.

Apparently he is an equal opportunity bigot: he attacks lesbians and gay men.

I wonder if he's one of those mythical "ex-gay" fellows? His site says he's in AA, and I know from past experience as an addictions counselor how fundamentalist those folks can be.

Anyway, congratulations--I guess--for being tagged by an Internet meme we all wish weren't going around.

Blessed Be,
Michael Bright Crow

BTW, I'm originally from Mansfield and Athens. :-)

arcane said...

I got hit by Patrick too