Wednesday, September 3, 2008

I didn't realise we were electing a homecomming queen!

so I realise that watching the other parties convention was going to be a challenge. It wasn't one that I could stomach without a bloody Mary or 3. I watched tonight just to see what this woman was about. I was so relieved to find out just what a joke she is. I thought that maybe she would have some good points but sadly I was mistaken. She will never be a Hillary substitute, she will never be more than the republican joke. I actually feel sorry for her. As she spoke you could tell she believes in what she is saying. All I could think of was why is her 5 month old child being passed around when it should be in bed. Then she pimped out her special needs child as one more reason to vote for her. I just feel bad for her how can you pimp your kids like that. I know that all families have challenges I mean come on I have a 15 yr old. I know that at any time I could be a grandma, not that i want to be anytime soon. I would however like to know that my daughter still had options that she alone is capable of making. I know I am ranting and it's the bloody Marys talking but I hope and pray that this woman is no where near the white house any time soon.