Monday, March 2, 2009

not the brightest thing I've ever done.

So about 6 weeks ago i got my nose pierced. I loved it!!! jump ahead six weeks ... I accidentally pulled said ring from my nose. Now if you have your nose pierced or know anyone that does you may know that nose rings come in many different varieties. The kind I was pierced with was the hook type. Not the best kind to try and replace into your now sore from having ripped it out in the first place nose. Long story shorter the wife and I tried for about 30 Min's to get said ring back in now very very sore nose and it just wasn't happening. I had caused the inside of my nose to swell when I ripped the ring out and all the fussing with it had created a knot around the interior hole. It was late on Friday night and I was upset I was afraid that I was going to lose my piercing. So i found a 20 gauge hoop and sterilized it and put it in my nose. I looked like a pirate, but figured that I would be able to live with it till I could get to the shop for the piercer guy to put the other one back in. I get to work the next morning and My boss was there. So have I mentioned that I am not suppose to have any facial piercings or visible tattoos? I have 5 visible tats and now the nose ring. I looked at her and said you decide to come see me when i have this giant hoop in my nose. She just laughed and said what hoop. Well I got to the shop later that afternoon and the piercer guy tells me that the knot on the inside is still to big and I will need to stay with the hoop. Ummmm OK for how long I asked him. His answer till the swelling goes away. So i leave the shop with a new hoop with a captive ball. I hate it i can see it hanging from my nose and I feel like a pirate. this was on Saturday and I was off yesterday. I had told myself that if I couldn't get the little stud back in tonight I was just going to take the hoop out and let it grow over. i came home kissed the wife and retreated to the bathroom nose ring and pliers in hand. I had to bend the hook almost flat but the hoop is gone and the little stud is back in my nose. It may never some out but at least I don't look like a pirate anymore. RRRRRR


Jude said...

ouch, ouch, ouch and 10 more...i can take the tats, have 3, but i can't take piercing any other place than the ear lobes. hope it works out for you because i do think they're cool looking.

LilliGirl said...

LMAO - I went through this when I got mine done too. Just be careful not to rip it out again and let it heal...Salt water is a wonderfule healer by the way. You'll be able to swap it out, and take it in and out for "show-and-tell" in no time.