Thursday, February 26, 2009


so being back in studio is a new thing for me I am adjusting well, OK so maybe a little slow on the adjusting. I have not clocked in and out for over 2 years and something as small as that is hard for me to remember. I know how to do the big things like get the good shots and make lots of money. I do this all well it's the details that slip threw my fingers. The funny thing is I can remember saying to the girls come on its a phone call you have to make its just a this or a that, and now I am one of the ones that cant remember stuff. It's funny how this happens. I love being home at night and having more time with the kids. now that we have the epileptic dog it's nice that we are both home to fight the little bitch to get her to take her meds. speaking of the little dog. the vet told us that she should have a fiend for her to spend time with while we are at work. We have the wiemeraner but he stays in the outside kennel while we are at work (it's heated) they make to much of a mess together so the vet says get a cat. long story short we rescued a male 1yr old cat and they hate one another. so the cat comes out form 2-5 AM and meows the whole time. it's a nice cat now if we could just get it to like the dog and vice versa.


Jude said...

lol on the cat and dog part. they might just need some time to get warmed up to each other. my ziggy (12 lbs) and the cat (15 lbs) run from one end of the house to the other and they beat the crap out of each other. they're best friends. and hey, you got the really important stuff down at work. when your paycheck is short, you'll learn quickly to do that one detail.

LilliGirl said...

LOL maybe he should have gone along to pick out his own kitty. Be patient with them. :)