Monday, February 9, 2009

Our Little Oki

So this has been a crazy emotional weekend. We have 2 dog's(children). We have a 3 yr old dachshund, and a 11/2 year old wiemeraner. Well Friday K called me while I was at work and told me that our 3 yr old Oki was having a seizure. She has done this a few time before so I told her to make sure she was safe and her other mother would be home soon. The seizures have never lasted long so I went back to work and didn't think much about it. Well the wife got home and called me to let me know she was still seizing. this was a good 40 mins later. I rushed out of work and met them at the vet where they told us they gave her enough Valium to knock down a horse and she was still seizing(she weighs all of 7lbs). They finally got her to go out and told us we needed to take her to Ohio state vet hospital. Now the thought that she was going to go to the hospital was bad enough but OSU is 2 hours away and I was scared of the drive up with her but what do you do. We finally got her there and the vets swept her away to the back for treatment. We finally got to see her and they told us that she would have to stay in ICU for the night. In the morning I called and was told that they could not get the seizure to completely stop and they had to intibate her and put her on more drugs to knock her completely out. She was to stubborn even for that. 24 hours and 3 more anti seizure meds later she finally stopped seizing!!! So we went to visit the poor Little thing yesterday and we were told to prepare for the worst and hope for the best. She was no worse but they couldn't guarantee she would ever wake up. Well our little trooper decided at about 10 last night she'd had enough and wanted to wake up. They upped her meds to keep her out for the night so they could bring her around slowly this morning. We headed up to the hospital (a 2 hr drive) and thought we would be in for a long day of waiting. When we walked in the Doc told me I wouldn't be reading much cause our girl was awake. She wouldn't have any of the come up slowly shit. They stopped he meds and she was ready to go. We got to hold her walk her and feed her. She looked so funny trying to walk in the little boots they put on her. So we get to go back and pick her up tomorrow after she has been off her meds for 24 hrs. I can not say enough good things about this hospital or the vets we have had. I know that the price tag will be large but they gave us our baby back so it will all be worth it. Over time here I come.

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Jude said...

The picture is so heart breaking. I can't believe all the stuff they hooked into Oki. I'm so glad she's doing better and hopefully she'll be home soon.