Thursday, February 19, 2009

crazy people.

So as you know I am from a small town. The nearest gay bar is over an hour away, so as you can imagine we don't go very often. I do have a favorite drag queen that I like to see preform as much as possible so we make the trek several times a year. Here is where the crazy people come in. Today at work I had a lady bring her daughter into the studio to have her senior pictures taken. Not a big deal it's what I do. I looked at this lady at got that instant sense of dejavu. In my last position I traveled a bunch and would see people in different stores and what not as I was out and about, I figured that was where I had seen this particular lady. Then it hit me I had seen her out at a club that is now out of business. It was one of those places that old drag queens go to die type of places. anywho she looks at me and whispers I've never seen you before "wink wink". Now if this woman is not out to her family that is her business and I would never ever out someone on purpose. So i proceeded to talk to her daughter and see just what it was that she wanted to achieve with her shoot. The daughter went to get her first outfit on and the mom starts to come on to me ??? WTF ummm if you have seen me at the club you saw me with my wife, and you just told me that your family doesn't know your gay ummm get lost. All I could do was stare at this lady. Her daughter comes back and she continues to talk shit ohhh your so pretty wow love your hair, what was your name??? I had finally had enough and asked her to step out in the waiting area while I finished with her daughter. She left and her daughter actually thanked me. The crazy part was the daughters comment. "It wouldn't be so bad if she would just learn how to flirt." My jaw about hit the ground. i laughed and we finished her shoot and she was pleased. Mom continued to flirt or should I say try to flirt all threw the sales process. i just bit my tongue and laughed to myself.It made me glad to be out and proud and happily married.


Real Live Lesbian said...

LOL...yeah, right....her family doesn't know!

Jude said...

Well, you handled that situation It's funny how the family usually "knows" long before a person tells them he/she's gay. And you're right, it's so much better being out. You gals have a great weekend.