Sunday, February 1, 2009

Back to work!

So today I started my new old job for real. I went in yesterday to meet with the 2 ladies that will be working with/for me. They have both been with the company for less than a year and both seem like very nice ladies. I went in with an open mind and decided that if I want to take the wife and kids to Dayton for spring break I better play nice.
I was amazed at the difference in the way that this entire market differed from the one that I came from. I was working with a different regional than these ladies and the organizational differences are staggering. I feel kind of bad for them. I get to run this studio the way that I had been running the 18 that I had, and these ladies are going to have to change their ways quite a bit. I have decided to work with each of them a couple of days to ease them into the new way of doing things. I hope that they understand that all the change comes from over my head and that I am not just changing things to be difficult.
I went into my meet and great yesterday unsure of how to handle the whole partner/wife issue and that has yet to be resolved. Both of the ladies seemed a bit to shy to ask any questions. I know that they are both married and have children but they never asked about my living situation. I guess that will come in time. I will not hide my life from them. I know that my days in the work place closet are long over. That was one major perk of getting to stay with my current regional. He has met the wife, and knows we have kids together. My new district manager has a gay sister who has been with her partner for almost 40 years. So I am good with her too. I have decided that this is going to be a good thing for me. I have been back to work for all of 10 hrs now and my sitting calender is already starting to fill in nicely. I am going to just sit back and enjoy the commission money that I have so been missing these last two salaried years.

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