Sunday, March 29, 2009

Spring break is over!

So spring break is in the bag, we are home and what a week we had! It was 5 days of fun. It started with the trip to Columbus and a build a bear adventure. The boys each made a new friend and had fun figuring out what they were going to wear. E made a fuzzy dog that he named Brice and dressed as a pilot. baby S made a monkey named Max who is going to be a pro golfer. K held our coats and tried to look bored. We made it to our hotel got checked in and took the kids swimming. Then we went to the waffle house. (their pick not mine) On Thursday we went to COSI I found an awesome deal and got us a family membership for 20 bucks for the year(that's 80 cheaper than we would have paid for the day) I am good. The kids had fun and we learned a bunch they loved the space and the ocean exhibits. After walking around all day we went back to our hotel and the kids swam for a bit and we went out for Japanese for dinner. we got back to the hotel and settled in for the night. On friday morning we went out to discover that someone had broken into our truck and stolen our GPS. Not a big deal but what a mess to clean up. We made a lovely cardboard window and headed out for the rest of our adventure. We dropped the dog at the hospital and went to the zoo. It was a nice day the kids had fun and we sort of got to see a 4 week old elephant. When we got back to the hotel the older kids swam , baby s napped and the wife and I got ready for our night out. We headed to the short north to a club we had heard about called liquid. It was one of the best clubs we have ever been to. The bar was great and once the music started the wife and I danced with several nice ladies. One woman told the wife that she made her feel young again. I should say that when she wants to the wife can really dance and I love to watch her dance with other women almost as much as I like to dance with her. Its nice to see that she can make others breathless and yet she still only has eyes for me. We drank many great cocktails and danced and flirted the night away. Came home on Saturday for a brief moment then headed to the in-laws house for the night. We got a picture taken today with all the grandkids(6) it only took 3 hrs and then we got to come home I am absolutely exhausted and ready to go back to work so I can get some rest. Hope you all had a great week.


Jude said...

Sounds like everyone had a great time. Too back about the GPS but glad you didn't let it spoil your vacation.

Jude said...

too back? did i write that?

meant to say "too bad about the gps" but i bet you figured that out

kimber p said...

hey there:) just wanted to stop and say thanks for following my blog! :)
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is that doin it with your panties on? *it's been a long day!*