Tuesday, March 10, 2009

what a lovely day!

Today was a warm sunny windy march day. We took all 3 kids and the 2 dogs to the dog park so the 4 legged ones could play. We have 43 acres of land yet we drive 30 mins so little oki can play off the leash. (she tends to try and escape). I love the dog park. It's so much fun to watch the dogs interact. Our little Oki thinks she is the queen b. She takes no shit from anyone, on the other hand Mac our 120 pound wimeraner shakes as he goes in the fence. It takes 30 mins for him to get up the nerve to leave our side. He doesn't have any idea he's a big dog. Well today One of our children mastered the mountain climber at the dog park. It wasn't one of the dogs but we were still proud. I just hope that today is the norm as far as weather and that the snow is gone for the year. bring on spring this dyke is ready!!!


Dawg said...

Totally! Bring on Spring.

Funny about your 120lb fraidy'cat.

Jude said...

I think dog parks are great. We have one just a couple of miles from us. I've taken Harley quite a few times, since Ziggy is a bit social demented, he hasn't been yet. We've got a few dog beaches too which is a lot of fun. Sounds like you guys had a great day.