Thursday, March 6, 2008

life is random

So everyone in my house is healthy!!!! It has been a very good week. We got out and voted on Tuesday with wonderful results. we have been getting along. I got new pillows for my bed though I am not sure that I like them, they are great big and fluffy. i have much to my wife's displeasure remembered that I love ebay and I have been bidding and winning many auctions. I love the last min bidding wars and take pleasure even when I don't win. i am evil I take pleasure in knowing that at least someone had to pay more if I don't win.
K is getting ready to start track next week so our weeks will soon be filled with many busy evenings of track meets ( yeah). It makes for a crazy spring but we love it. k enjoys the activity and it keeps her home more.
Not much else going on we are just enjoying being healthy. hope you are all well and getting ready for the upcoming spring.
So this pic is the lighting of our family candle @ our commitment ceremony 2 yrs ago

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