Sunday, March 2, 2008

saying goodbye

I just recently found out that two of the people that i greatly admire are leaving the organization that i volunteer with. (equality ohio) I have come to think of these two as the entire organization. A is the person that helped me get my video produced and B put me on outQ in the morning. Now I know that the entire perpouse of this organization is to help the glbt community but I just can't help but feel slightly sad that the people that i have worked so close with are leaving. I told the wife that I was done i couldn't work with anyone else. She effectively told me to grow up. I know that the fight for equality is far from over and that i need to grow up and fight on I will just miss both of these amazing people so much. I would like to say thank you so much to both of these wonderful people they showed me that even a small town dyke can have an impact on our community. they also helped me to have confidence in myself and know that we still need to work. so my hats are off to you A&B I wish you both the best of luck and I know that what ever organization you land with will be better off for our loss.

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