Friday, December 28, 2007

It's all over

Well christmas came and went and with it the inlaws. many presents were recieved by the children and by the wife and i. My mother gave us a AAA membership which since i drive 1000+ miles a week reakky makes sence, the inlaws gave us new end table lamps, they make the living room look so homey, The children recieved so much that i'm not even sure what all they got. my ex husband did buy E a cell phone, the must unpractical gift concidering we have no cell service here at home and he goesno where else. But his money. K got lots of money and gift cards, so i am dreading the trip to the mall, i may have the wife take her. I just can not shop with her, we are way too different. The wife has the aptients of a saint, god love her. baby s got a new trike, and he love it, my toes don't care for it but he loves it. all in all the holiday was great. I went back to work today and the kids went to their fathers. so for the next 5 days it's just me and the wife and baby s. I miss them when they go, but they seem to be soo much more greatful when they come back.
It was a good day, untill i read a blog from oregon, i feel for you all with the newest news in the DP drama, my fingers are crossed that this is just a delay.

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