Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mothers Day!

So today is the day that we have set aside to honor mothers. I think this is a wonderful day and a great tradition. This year as in past years we started the weekend with a Mother daughter banquet at church. Now I should say that K is always at her sperm's house on Friday evenings. and it always seems that I am working at one of my furthest locations that day. Well mother called and asked if we would be attending and I told her that K was at the sperms house and that I would be working but the wife is off and would love to go. Mom said ok tell her she needs to bring a dish. Now the wife and I don' go to church nearly as much as we would like or need to be and the reason is not just because of the people my work schedule is crazy and the wife works on sat and sun. That and the fact that we can tell we scare the nice christian people it just doesn't seem worth it. But anyway, I left for work and told the wife that I would make it just not for the dinner part. She met mom and got there early. I showed up about 4 mins late and brought mom a rose as a way of apologizing. I sat down and it appears that no one missed me. I have been replaced by the wife. I guess this is good and I should thank my lucky stars that my family is so willing to except the wife as family.
fast forward 2 days and I got breakfast in bed this morning and a bunch of roses. Then the power went out. nice thing about power outages we have no land line phones only cordless so no phone calls from work, bad thing about power outages is we have a well and with no power comes no water. I decided that while the wife slept I would take the kids and the dogs and go to the dog park. good idea but the weather did not think so. It rained cats and dogs and thunder and lighting. so we came home and lit candles and waited for the lights to come back on. I am about to make dinner for the wife and then my family will be having a Wii bowling tournament.. Just wanted to wish you all a very Happy Mothers Day!!

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