Monday, June 8, 2009

weekend in Detroit

The wife and I drove to Detroit this weekend for one of her best friends weddings. We had a blast on the way up. Yes this is a two tone purple Victorian and just down the street was the bear sign. I guess you have to love small town America.

The wife and I got all dressed up for our very first formal catholic wedding.It was a beautiful ceremony however it was in a national Catholic shrine and they had random people walking around the chapel during there mass. The reception was wonderful, the wife's friend does ballroom dancing and he and some of his dance buddies did a wonderful tribute to his late father. It was extremely neat to watch. The wife and I danced the night away and had a great time talking with all her friends. The funniest part of the night came when one of the bridesmaids thought I was trying to cut in on her getting to know the wife's friend Mr Utah. She made sure we knew she had dibs on him LOL . We are now home getting ready for a baseball game. E's team is in first place!!!! have a great week


Anonymous said...

You two are SO cute!

More pics of the two of you! :)

Propane Amy said...

WOW. You two are flippin HOT!! Damn, do you have a pool? Cuz I would be a really cheap pool boi.... LMAO

Jude said...

Ok, a purple house. Not sure if I'd want to live in one.

Great shot of two sizzling gals.

marie said...

You two are so cute together, it makes me remember why I want a relationship again.

Jude said...

Hey...saw your top photo featured in Queer Eye Candy! Congrats!