Friday, June 19, 2009

teenage idiots.

So I don't remember if I have blogged about our 16 yr olds boyfriend or not but he is officially an ex now thank the goddess. The wife and I went today to get new piercings (pics later) when we came home the daughter was in a tizzy, the ex had hacked her myspace and changed her status telling everyone that she herself thought that she was a slut and that she had perfectionist lesbian mothers who no one would be good enough for. well it is true we are lesbians and I am damn near perfect but she is not a slut and i now am looking at her and thinking is she safe is there anything that this boy is going to be able to do to her that will make her life harder. I would hate very much to have to hurt this very selfish , self centered boy. She did however learn a very valuable lesson....... wait for it.... MOM IS ALWAYS RIGHT! yep she admitted that I was right. We went to dinner with the new guy she is talking too tonight and I know that is just a teenager and that this boy will go away at some point but he did something tonight that I will forever be grateful for. He brought my daughters smile back, and I have missed it so much.

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Oh I think one of the WORST things we deal w/ as parents are boyfriends and girlfriends.

I hate when you see a train wreck coming.

I see one for my daughter w/ the bum she's w/ now.